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So I'm a huge GMM fan...but the actions of Stevie I found on her Twitter account yesterday were kind of deplorable to say the least...I emailed the show yesterday; and they havnt emailed back yet...here's the link from her Twitter account, where she basically called out the mythical fans..the link is below..


Anybody who agrees, email the show and make her accountable for her actions...GMM is a family show, not for her to air her political views on Twitter...thanks all

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Given the online and social nature of YouTube and Rhett and Link's business, I would be very surprised if Rhett and Link don't already have a policy in place regarding their employees' use of social media. It is common for businesses to have such a policy in this day and age.

Most of the crew members have publicly accessible social media accounts across Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. -- if any of them were conducting themselves in a way that Rhett and Link found detrimental to the business or that went against their existing policies, I'm very sure we would have witnessed changes in their social media behavior by now.

However, since we have not, and all evidence points to Mythical Entertainment employees being free to express their personal opinions on their personal accounts, I can see no reason for fans to attempt to step in and change that.

Feel free to mute or block Stevie's account if you really have no interest in seeing her personal content.

Well said, Victoria! Couldn't have explained it better myself! I was gonna say something, but of course, I don't want to start anything.

(this is Voltage btw, just changed my name)

While one might or might not agree with her political views, that's her personal Twitter account. Free speech.

Hey Matt. Just wanted to say, I'm sorry. I know you're disappointed. Speaking very personally, I've only just discovered "the real Stevie" this last month, and she is not who I thought she was. I admit, that's my own fault. She reminded me very much of someone else, some incredibly innocent young thing, and I made the Stevie in my mind what I wanted her to be. I was delusional. It hurts when delusions are destroyed. The real Stevie says and does a lot of things that shock me, and that I genuinely think are unhealthy for her. A few things have even made me cry for her.

But, this country I love gives rights to us all. Stevie can say and do as she pleases. The men she works for are free to choose whatever social media policies they see fit.

As for you Matt, I just wanted you to know: you're not a jerk for wishing something could be done about this. I imagine you feel terrible about the whole thing, because a delusion got crushed, and if that is so, then I'm right there with you. I guess, we just move on now. There are other people in our lives - real ones who need, and actually want, our attention.

All the best to you, Matt.

Oh boy, let's hear it. What does Stevie do that you think is unhealthy for her?

".I'm not trying to fight or argue but seriously I'm sick of living in a world where I state my opinion and get attacked for it...grow up people really" - Matt

That's probably how Stevie feels about her personal twitter account too.

You said it was a political post on her personal twitter account that wasn't appropriate for kids. I don't think to teach our youth about how important government plays a roll in society is out of hand. That is the beauty of living in America- to have the freedom to vote for who you please, support whose political ideas you favor, and to protest political ideas you do not favor. That is a democracy and that is how this country works. I hope our next generation learns more about politics since our future is in their hands. I follow Stevie on all of her social media and my little brothers ( 11 and 10) watch the show. I personally do not find Stevie out of hand. I like her edgy selfies although. A style of hers I would have never guessed from watching the show. It fits her, it is very vogue.

By the way, if you have problems with kids and politics take it up with the school systems. In Minnesota they only the kids CNN news and in Wisconsin they only show Fox News. 

Not trying to "attack" you just  "Were I state my opinion". 


That's her personal twitter, she's allowed to say what she wants. If you don't want your kids seeing what she has to say on it, then it's up to you to ensure that your child doesn't see the twitter. I don't see this stupid push for censorship when it should be up to the caregiver what people under 18 do and don't see.


Does it make you feel important to try to knock someone down in life that you don't agree with? What are you hoping to accomplish here, get her fired for having a personal life? Who are you to pass moral judgement on someone that you've only ever seen as a crew-member on a youtube channel? A channel filled with adult innuendo?

Should I try to get you fired for disliking the fact that you went on a public forum and tried starting a witch hunt that I disagree with? No.

She's an adult. Get over yourself.

Using the same logic all celebrities, and those famous that uses their fame as a soap box should be held accountable for anything negative said in their past too right.

What specific tweets are you taking about, or are you just trolling for a reaction?


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