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So I'm a huge GMM fan...but the actions of Stevie I found on her Twitter account yesterday were kind of deplorable to say the least...I emailed the show yesterday; and they havnt emailed back yet...here's the link from her Twitter account, where she basically called out the mythical fans..the link is below..


Anybody who agrees, email the show and make her accountable for her actions...GMM is a family show, not for her to air her political views on Twitter...thanks all

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I don't know which tweet(s) you're referring to specifically, but that's her personal Twitter account. She's allowed to post whatever she damn well pleases on it. 

Thanks for your response..if it was private that's one thing...but anything public , is fair game and especially with millions of fans and followers ; the show loses its credibility as being wholesome if a teenager stumbles across her page even if it's personal, and calls out people; dropping the F bomb.....so the negatives on her page, have a direct correlation with GMM and associates herself with them; the show takes a hit and loses fans, maybe sponsorship etc..I'm.just exposing the truth, not get in a never ending debate with people...if anything I'm looking out for Rhett and Link and all their fans...anyway keep it real people
It is what it is.I said my peace...rest of you want to fight or debate about it that's on you.happy Thursday

I saw the link you posted & it just went to her Twitter profile. It's her personal account & it's your decision whether or not you want to follow it. She can post WHATEVER she wants and you're in no position to call it "deplorable" (and you mentioned political views... are you against her views or are you just saying that she shouldn't be expressing them because she works at Mythical Ent.?)

Again, it's her personal account - not the Rhett & Link main account. Calm down, mate.

What she says; is a direct representation of GMM..SO For representing Good Mythical ENT; no she should have not...it doesn't matter who you are, should maintain same level of professionalism on and off the camera...its just business etiquette 101..if she offends somebody the wrong way, will indirectly find its way back to GMM...so I'm supporting GMM'S views, not necessarily hers

Did you not read what I just said? It's her PERSONAL account and NOT the main Rhett and Link account (or Rhett & Link's personal accounts, for that matter). If someone links Stevie's views w/ GMM, that's their issue.

Do you personally know them or how they govern their rules for their show and employees ? Good neither do I, it's just smart business practice even outside your work not to make an A@@ of yourself...because trust me, there are prob a few out there that will fly off.the handle and it'll come back on GMM...I'm not trying to fight or argue but seriously I'm sick of living in a world where I state my opinion and get attacked for it...grow up people really

I cannot repeat enough that it's Stevie's personal account, she can do what she wants & if what she does gets linked back to GMM by someone, so what? There'll probably be very few of those people that'll do that (that's if there'll actually be anyone) & it's their problem; not Stevie's or Mythical Entertainment's/GMM's

I see that trying to get this point across w/ you is futile

I just stated my opinion and you're the one flying off the handle and getting defensive, not me...it's over so do me a favor people and like subscribe or simply ignore this person..YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!! Have a great mythical day all!

Right then...

Stevie's personal Twitter account certainly does not have to represent anything related to Mythical Entertainment.  Twitter is a place where everyone can espouse any views WHATSOEVER and people have to decide whether that universe is where they want to be...Free Speech.  Allow her to have a personal life apart from her work.

I read it everyday.


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