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GMM has been pretty steady lately without any big new creative work from Rhett and Link.  I guess the newest big thing is the Mythical Crew show, but I consider that more Ben's baby than a Rhett and Link creation.  Since I know how hard Rhett and Link work, I can only assume that they're working on creating something that comes directly from them.

I thought it might be fun to come up with guesses for the next Rhett and Link creation.  Do you think it will be a music video?  A new piece of merch?  A book?  A movie?

Also, what is on your Rhett and Link wish list?  Do you have any realistic hopes, and then what are your biggest (most likely unattainable) wishes for Rhett and Link to create?

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I guess at this point, I just want another music video. It's been basically 5 months since Sketchtober ended (but as I've said many times before, it's not as long as the Hiatus (July 22 2014-March 25 2015)) and I'm in the mood for a music video.

I would say more but it's time to go to school

I don't have any real 'predictions', but I personally would LOVE to see Ear Biscuits come back. I appreciate the more adult content, and getting to see further perspective on the lives of not only Rhett and Link, but also fellow YouTubers. I would like to see them collaborate with 'Bunny" (Grav3yardgirl)... From my understanding she has some issues with anxiety and I think it would bring a lot of people comfort to hear they aren't alone in suffering from things like that. Then again, I am on the older side of the fan spectrum (27) so I do realize my 'wish list' may not quite be what the majority is looking for.

...Though i do also love a good Link gag-fest... sorry man ;-)

Ditto on Ear Biscuits.

I'd love season 3 of Ear Biscuits to come back too! Although I prefer the Rhett & Link only podcasts, I do agree it's quite interesting to understand and know more about other youtubers as well. I just love how in depth they go!

They've been really busy this season and it's been really great so far!

It'd be cool if they wrote a book. I think there was another discussion about that somewhere on here.

I'm hoping they get the Trivy App working for android. I don't know what the status is with that ever since the KBE Link posted for the more trivia-like questions.

It'd be cool to see a few more music videos and sketches if they can manage it. I always enjoy those. 

I'd like to keep seeing a good rotation of guests and fun games on the show. Those episodes are always really fun! Kevin Smith on the show was a major highlight, imo.

But sometimes being completely surprised is a good thing too! 

I hope they make another music video! I love GMM, but I miss the stuff they do on the Rhett & Link channel.

I have no idea what their next project will be but I wouldn't mind another sketch month.

And my wishes, which are pretty realistic are:

- I'd like them to renew their blood oath on GMM

- I'd like them to reenact Link's broken pelvis story

- I'd like them to react to their old videos

- I'd like them to interpret a random fan fiction

- I'd like to see more of their children (and maybe wives)

- I'd like them to tell us more about their friendship, maybe in a book?

And I have so many more, I just come up with thing I'd like them to do everyday basically. LOL

I think it would be so very nice to see Rhett and Link's family on screen, including the wives, for a big family episode. I just think it would be so sweet. Maybe for episode 1000 or another special date. 

Since the 1000th episode is not too far away (It's within this year I think) I agree that it would, indeed, be really nice to have both their families on screen for that episode!
I assume they haven't had the wives on for a reason... Perhaps a separation of work life and home life, perhaps out of respect for the wives. You must assume there will be members of the audience who prefer not to see the guy with their wives... you know the whole 'i love rhett hes my man!' Or 'future mrs. Neil!' thing. The wives being on the show could send some people into a tizzy resulting in some disrespectful comments for the wives, that im sure the guys would like to protect them from.
I too would like to see their wives come on the show for the 1000 episode. It would be fun to see them interact w R&L instead of just pictures. Rhett and Link did say in an ear biscuit that their wives chose not to be on the Internet, I understand that because I wouldn't want to be either. But hopefully just one show.

I don't think, if their wives have already decided they don't want to be up on the Interwebz, that they'd ever do that just to please a handful of Mythical Beasts. Just being honest. :-/

They're classy guys, Rhett and Link -- true gentlemen. Their wives do NOT want to be in the public eye. They've respected that so far. They also haven't exploited their children, which is similarly classy. The kids have been in a few episodes based on subject matter that the kids really wanted to be involved in, but I doubt they'd say "Hey, it's our 1000th episode, you HAVE to be in this thing because everyone asked."

Leave it up to their wives and kids; R&L are the truest family men on the Internet by respecting them and keeping them away from the camera when they didn't want to be in front of it. They can come up with a great 1000th episode without involving them if it turns out that they're not comfortable with the idea.


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