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Hi! This is Emily, and I'm currently doing a project for my college English class. It's about digital cultures, so, of course, I wanted to do it over Good Mythical Morning and the Mythical Beasts! I'm trying to research our community, and in doing so, I created a survey for fans to complete. It's a short, 10 question survey (that is anonymous) about being a fan of Rhett and Link and Good Mythical Morning. I figured that one of the best ways to get this out to fans is to post it on the Kommunity, so here goes! By all means, don't feel pressured to complete it if you don't want to, but any responses are welcome. I look forward to learning about the Mythical Beasts! Thank you so much!

Here's the link: 


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Bad news!

Hello, all! I regret to have to inform you that in order for me to see all 400+ results, I have to pay the site I used for an upgrade. For the free service, I can only see the first 100 results. I never foresaw this predicament because I seriously only expected 20 ish responses. I didn't even realize the site I used had that rule. I'm beyond thankful for all the help, and I feel horribly for the 300+ people who took the survey in vain. I apologize sincerely. It's just not in my budget to pay for something like this right now, though I wish I could because I am very curious to see what all the Mythical Beasts had to say. I still plan on trying to post what results I do have. I will also quickly address in my project this predicament I came across. Once again I'm very sorry. Thank you all SO much for being your mythical best by helping me out. I could have never expected such a huge response or all the kind comments about my project. I just wanted to let all of you be aware of the trouble I'm currently facing. Thank you for being understanding. Please have a mythical week.

Wow, 400+ results! Looks like Mythical Beasts enjoy taking surveys.

I sent you a friend request/message; hit me up when you get it.

WOW! glad I read your "bad news" message first, as I was just about to send out an e-mail blast to the 97,000+ kommunity membership to hype it up bigtime.  If you (or the professor) decide to pay for full results, let me know and I'll see what I can do to get you a few thousand more respondents.

Oh wow! Well K-Mod Kevin, K-Mod Victoria, and I are trying to work something out. The only problem is, the basic month membership to Survey Monkey only allows me to see 1,000 responses. For unlimited responses, we’d have to pay a full year’s fee of $400. And I’d ask nobody to cover that much. So I’ll leave it up to you if you want to do that or not :) thanks though! 

I say we should hold off on the full-Kommunity blast for this one, simply because of the up-front annual fee that Emily mentioned. It looks like we'll be about to get the first 1000 responses, and that seems like a reasonable compromise.

That's totally fine by me! I would hate, after all, for anybody to take the survey in vain.

Standing down and holding steady in the wings until further orders.

We got it sorted out! Thanks to K-Mod Victoria and K-Mod Kevin! I’ll be able to see up to 1,000 results, so I that means I can only see up to around 600 more responses. It would be cool to get as many as possible, but I’m more than satisfied with what I have now. I just don’t want thousands of people to take it when what they say wouldn’t be counted for.

Understood.  I'll keep an eye on this thread and if you decide that another push is needed to get the response count up just let me know. When I've sent out e-mail blasts in the past there's usually a small "flood" of respondents in the first 24 hours then it trails off rather quickly, so if you get close to deadline and need another group to chime in I'll be happy to lend what assistance I can.

I enjoyed doing the survey and it was interesting to see how other people enjoy RandL's content.

Here it is guys and gals! The short and long podcast I made with my boyfriend (also a fan of the show). Sorry it took so long to upload, I was struggling to get it up on this forum. Hope you guys enjoy it, beware, Ive never made a podcast before (the long one is also unedited). So it is a little choppy but we did the best we could. Thank you once again for all the help, have a mythical week!

Music from the short podcast is from https://www.bensound.com/



Great job, you two! I really enjoyed how much detail you included when going through the survey results in the LongCast, like some of the comments people wrote. I'm sure you aced your project. ;)


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