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  • What do you want R&L to talk about? 


  • Are you considered to be somewhat of an "EXPERT" on that subject?


  • Have you already make a suggestion to Rhett and Link  via comment post on  ,  or  ?


  • Did they think it was a great idea? Or do they believe you are completely insane for even suggesting such a thing and should be put away somewhere quiet before you hurt yourself?


  • If you were a flower, what type would you be?

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I want them to talk about they're first kiss. They've mentioned it, but said, "That's for a different time." So i assume it is quite a grand story :)

You guys should talk about your past dreams, like what you wanted to be when you grew up. What made you want to do this and how did your views change?

Rhett and Link should talk about how they met their wives... It'd be interesting to hear about :)

they already talked about this one I believe, or at least Rhett mentioned it in a season 1 GMM episode. I believe it was the one they posted on Valentines Day.... :3

I think they talked about that before, but I'd love to hear about how they proposed.... Because I'm a girl and I love those things.

Where you get all your crazy (but brilliant!) ideas for songs and did you always want to be Internetainers?

topic suggestion: what are some of those weird/stupid things you can't imagine life without ?

I think they should take about the best mixture of animals. Like a shark mixed with a rabbit or something like that.

I'd like to hear about where Jason came from! Did you just meet him up on the street, did he come to you or have you guys known each other for a while?

where is the like button on this thing....?

Topic Suggestion: "The Life of an  Internetainer"

Tell us about your typical workday and how you go about making your videos! I really wonder how you guys started your current career.

behind the scenes -- always good : )


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