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  • What do you want R&L to talk about? 


  • Are you considered to be somewhat of an "EXPERT" on that subject?


  • Have you already make a suggestion to Rhett and Link  via comment post on  ,  or  ?


  • Did they think it was a great idea? Or do they believe you are completely insane for even suggesting such a thing and should be put away somewhere quiet before you hurt yourself?


  • If you were a flower, what type would you be?

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We live in a computer simulation and this is because in the future it is such good technology they create virtual reality that they can use to simulate the past and time travel

I would like to see and hear Rhett and Link talk about Finland. Gather some fun facts or something. I really like to know what you about the country before you looked things about it. You could do something like other countries too.

It would be awesome if you could do music video with Lindsey Stirling.

I'm honored to be mythical beast, keep up the good work!

Myths and "old wives tales"

it seems to me that there are a lot of different old myths and so called "old wives tales" that are wrong... like mice and cheese... did you know they prefer chocolate and nuts? so best way to catch the little rascals is with a snickers bar :P

Rhett and Link should just keep doing what they are doing.

BBQ/Grilling tools. I posted this on your fb page too, but I think maybe it got lost in the shuffle, so trying here... This came across my feed... I personally think most of these are pretty cool...


Not sure if this has been done, and it would be more of an idea for the game videos you do on facebook.. I think doing speed rounds of pictionary would be fun.

Also, maybe, Scattergories?? 

How about for actual show topics

-Interior design preferences, including structural style as well as color preferences.

-The English language. I am sending a link to a poem. I don't think the statistics are accurate. Some of the words can be pronounced 2 different ways, a few most people have never heard, and some of them are no longer commonly spelled the way they are listed. But the idea behind the poem is pretty solid, our language is really complicated, when you think about it... 


-Toilet paper and wiping practices.. Do you wipe once with each handfull of TP or do you fold it and wipe twice.. You would be surprised how this is a thing... 

-Negative blood types and the theories that surround them.. (like being born of Alien or Gods, etc) Do some research the info is really interesting. Also, did you know that in some other countries it is standard for people to know their blood types just to know them??? I think that makes a lot of sense, but it seems like in the U.S. people don't really know their blood types unless they donate or have had transfusions or some kind of actual medical reason to know... 

I suggest:

1: weird jobs you did not know exist

In this maybe you guys could demonstrate a few really crazy jobs from around the world

2: Most popular band ever?

You guys could nominate some of your Favourite bands such as one direction, maroon 5, a few more and pick out some really cool ones according to you and the internet

3: Naming things to your likeliness

In this episode you guys could choose some company names, brand names, product names, movie names, superhero names etc. and rename them according to your likeliness and logically and all that stuff.

I would love to see these ideas becoming actual episodes!

Optimism vs Pessimism .. I know that Micheal J. Fox wrote a book called Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. I tend to think quite a lot about the differences and what makes people one way or another or lean more one way. When you throw in the idea of realist in conjunction with the other 2, then things get really confusing. I tend to lean more toward pessimist and feel like it is because I am more of a realist. I see the stuff going on in the world and just don't quite get how some people can still be la dee da about them... However, I think that a lot of optimists also thing they are realists but in the opposite way. I think they see all the good stuff so it over shadows the bad stuff... Anyways, I am interested to know what R&L's thoughts on the subject are..  :)


Rhett & Link should discuss the weirdest, taboo things ever. A list of them. Like "Furries" for example, or "Human Dolls". Haha I'd love to hear what they have to say about some of these things. It could be really funny.
Im relatively New to Rhett and Links "Good Mythical Morning" show, I've been watching them for a couple months now, and its come to my attention that Rhett and Link have been doing this series for some time now. I just would like to say I really hope they continue for a long time. I love it, I love them, they are hilarious and so fun, I truly enjoy the show a lot. I now have this fear I like to call, "GMMcanceledaphobia". Haha its a phobia now. But yea, Im a big fan now. Love you guys!

Are babies innocent or evil?

(My little brother is capital E-V-I-L!)


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