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Story For You To Create (if you are a member of the kommunity,please look at this)

What's up fellow mythical beasts? I have a cool idea. Btw, this discussion is NOT just for my friends, it's for the whole kommunity. So, I thought, what if I got the whole kommunity got together, and made an EPIC story? So I'm asking EVERYONE to help with this. Lets all make an epic story by leaving comments below:)) I want you to make a character and give their description in a comment (no picture necessary). Then using that character, make them say something in script form.
EXAMPLE: Rhett: Hi Link!
Like in the example above. Then, other mythical beasts will come, and make that character, say something else, or make another character, and make them say something. Now, I do want this to be G rated. In other words no cussing or anything like that ( I will say why in a moment). Now after that, also give a description of the place your character is in. Members can build off of the first comment to make a story. If you want to, you can use characters and people that already exist in books, video games, movies, ect.
EXAMPLE: Katness (from the Hunger Games)
There is no limit on how many comments you can put. But on May 11 (2013) I will finish the story for you. You know, I will work off the comments you have already put, to finish the story. That gives you one month to work on this, before I end it. Remember how I said no cussing? That is partly because, after the script is done, me and my friends will act the story out, and post a video of it on the kommunity for all of you to see:)) Thank you for looking at this, and remember, this is your story. Be creative, and have fun! Thanks:)

~Brenda Hancock

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Sounds like a cool idea, but I am a little confused.

How are you confused, and I'll help clarify.

So is everyone making different characters, or is it one ongoing character that we all build off of?

There are numerous ongoing story lines and RP stories already in the kommunity . . . please consider joining into one of the existing lines instead of starting another. . . here are just a few:




I don't mean to sound rude, or any thing like that , but I just kinda want to start one myself...like I said, not trying to be rude. The one I wanted to join, nobody is doing it anymore:(
Both. Make a character to start off with and a story revolving around that character, and the kommunity builds off of that. If someone on the kommunity wants to make another character, and add them into the story, they can. If they want to add a character that already exists they can. Your basically just writing a book in script form. So your more so , makeing an ongoing story. Sorry, I can be a bit confusing:(

Ooooohhh, I get it now! Super cool

Thanks! Hope you can participate:)
But, you guys do get to put the first line and everything, so , ya know, go ahead and be creative:-) and fell free to start whenever you want. It ends on may 11, but it can start when you want it to:))
Okay, I am going to start a blog for you to answer to this. Go to my page to see it thanks!
Hey guys! The blog is ready. It's called kommunity story (rp). If you want to participate, please go there. Nobody has started yet, so if you want to start it off, have t it! Have fun!
I meant have at it. Not have t it. Whoops!


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