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Over the years, Rhett and Link have sung many songs (and covers) in videos that weren't turned into actual songs. I really like all of their songs so I've listed a few below (not all of them are spontaneous and some are covers)  - 

  1. Dishwasher Painter Man Song (here's a music video by Piromeras that has just the song)
  2. TobyMeDaniels Song
  3. Moustache Song
  4. Link is So Awesome Song
  5. Folsom Prison BEASTS
  6. Pizza Thief Newsical
  7. Wedding Fail Newsical
  8. Paul the Engineer Song
  9. GMM 100 Song
  10. Say It Ain't So Cover
  11. (I've Had) The Time of My Life Cover (full extracted from a R+L Kast and not the short version from the vlog and not the one from the road trip songs video (thanks to the Tumblr page that made this))
  12. Another (I've Had) The Time of My Life Cover
  13. Song that Doesn't Go Anywhere
  14. Spaghetti Song
  15. Rolling in the Deep Cover
  16. Let's Do a Vlog Song
  17. Where Have You Been Song
  18. SuperNote Mythical Beast Winners Song
  19. Babies Being Made Song
  20. VidCon Song (Butt Cheek Tattoo Song)
  21. Oscars 08 Summary Song
  22. Something Catchy Song
  23. Deck the Halls - 'Never Over' Version
  24. We Three Kings - 'In The Pocket' Version
  25. Do You Hear What I Hear? - 'Heavy Metal Toy' Version
  26. Little Drummer Boy - 'Come N Go' Version
  27. The Dreidel Song - 'Proof Positive' Version w/ Miranda Sings
  28. 5 Word Song Song (Click here for the alternate take version)
  29. Reading Rainbow Theme Song Cover
  30. Link's 35th Birthday Song
  31. All for the Love of a Girl Cover
  32. The Puzzle Song
  33. The Sedated Butterfly Song
  34. The Clappy, Snappy Mail Song
  35. Judge Judy Song
  36. The Longest Mail Song Ever (1 minute and 50 seconds)
  37. A Really Long Mail Song
  38. Another Fancy Long Mail Song
  39. Crunch 'n' Swallow Boss Song (thanks to Tragica for making this clip!)
  40. Good Morning Maryland Jingle
  41. Good Morning Memphis Jingle
  42. Red & Yellow, Black & White (song by Wax Paper Dogz, snippet from R&LKast. Thanks to the Tumblr page that made this!)
  43. Some Say Love Cover
  44. Homeschoolers Song (Viral Boom)
  45. Sudoku Song (Viral Boom)
  46. Recorder and Guitar Song (Viral Boom)
  47. Link's Freestyle Rap/Shoutout Rap
  48. Improv Song
  49. Compliments Mail Song
  50. Lawn Chair Improv Song
  51. Baseball Card Song
  52. Anatomical Pictures of Animals AKA a Song for Liz
  53. Emily's Mail Song
  54. Singing (and Playing Music) Instead of Talking Song
  55. Wife's Surprise on Valentine's Song
  56. Missing Guitar Song (thanks to Graveyard Whistler for making the FB master post!)
  57. Saddest Song Ever (Rabbit Lightning)
  58. Ain't it Just Like a Yo-Yo (Rabbit Lightning) 
  59. Music Video Song (Rabbit Lightning)
  60. Crush (Rabbit Lightning)
  61. Really Sick Rhymes Rap
  62. Twitter Color Wars 2008 Theme Song
  63. Gas Price Song
  64. Big Girls Don't Cry Cover
  65. Cephas76 Theme Song (SuperNote Winner)
  66. Funkmaster Flash Theme Song (SuperNote Winner)
  67. Bluetooth Headset Cyborgs Song
  68. Beatbox and Singing Song
  69. Happy New Year Song
  70. 400 Times Song
  71. Rhett's Children's Christmas Carol Parody
  72. Link's Children's Christmas Carol Parody
  73. Jessie Married Rhett Song
  74. Apocalypse Thanksgiving AKA Turkey in a Trash Can Song
  75. Alone in the Woods Song
  76. Slappin' On Heels & Slappin' Up Trees Song
  77. Republic Of Cheesistan National Anthem
  78. Peculiarly Perfect Peanut Butter Peppermint Lip Balm Advertisement Epic Harmony
  79. Tree Chopped Down Song
  80. Moore High School Shoplifters
  81. Chopping and Pregnant Cats
  82. Country Thursday
  83. Serenade/Bun Song
  84. Rollerblading Healthcare Zebra Song
  85. Innate Human Clapping & Singing Song
  86. Zesty Teachers Song
  87. Honky Techno Song
  88. Arthritis Hip Pop Song
  89. Folk Step Song
  90. Scatting Heavy Metal Song
  91. Creepy Dental Dog Song
  92. Megan, Nate and Linda's Mail Song
  93. Song for Ms Locklear
  94. Trick Or Treat Song
  95. I Love TV Rap
  96. Dancing Santa
  97. Everybody Knows That Kevin Lost
  98. Rhett's Random Mail Song
  99. Chicken Noodle Soup Bath Song
  100. Spends a Lot of Nights on it AKA Link's Serenade for Rhett
  101. Born & Die Song
  102. GMM 1000 Song
  103. Tater-Faced Boy
  104. If I Were a Woman, I'd Marry a Man Like Me
  105. Creep You Out
  106. Ambient Massage Song
  107. Hannah Montana Song
  108. Cutting Grass Song
  109. Blitz 5 Razor Song/Jingle
  110. Ostriches Wed in June Song
  111. Olympics Song
  112. Back At School
  113. Big Frosted Flake Song
  114. Won't You Be My Neighbour? Cover
  115. Chicagazebo Song
  116. Pat's King of Steaks Song
  117. Geno's Steaks Song
  118. Grandfather Clock NFL Kicker Song
  119. Pythagoras Theorem Song
  120. Big City (Merle Haggard) Cover
  121. Pop It in My Mouth Song
  122. Facebook Live Song
  123. Shared Vacation Song
  124. Two Friends On The Toilet Song
  125. Micro Ice Makers Jingle
  126. The Strap Jingle
  127. Vegan Packets Jingle
  128. The Way I Am Cover
  129. Taylor Swift Birthday Song
  130. Louis Birthday Song
  131. Todd Birthday Song
  132. Joy To The World - 'Seattle Grunge' Version
  133. Come All Ye Faithful - 'Opening Night' Version
  134. O Little Town of Bethlehem - 'Nashville Boulevard' Version
  135. Up On The Housetop - 'Tech Intrigue Boyee' Version
  136. Endless Love Cover 1
  137. Endless Love Cover 2
  138. Endless Love Cover 3 (longest cover)
  139. Damnyell's Mail Song
  140. Into The Woods: Bacon Edition
  141. Corndog Song (video credit to Victoria (Centauromadoose))
  142. Papa Smurf Lotion (video credit to Victoria (Centauromadoose))
  143. Kyle
  144. Max the Dog (video credit to Victoria (Centauromadoose))
  145. Maple Syrup (parody of 'Bless the Broken Road') ft. Rascal Flatts

I'm sure there's more but I don't know where to find them (or I've forgotten them). You can also listen to the Song Writing Process Ear Biscuit for more unreleased songs/demos. I'm not going to include Submit a Song Idea songs. It's preferable if they go over 10 seconds. Please tell me if there are more! Most musical WOM endings are not on here but if you want stuff like unisongs, interpretive dances and musicals, you can find them here. Thanks to all of the people who have suggested songs! BYMB!

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I would! It's really funny and not part of anything else, so I think so, but it's your list. :) 

It's about time!!

I'm also not including the songs from the Christmas Carol GMM episode with Miranda Sings. Those songs are on SoundCloud here

Bubble bullets song from the episode of the same name?

Sorry but I'm not going to include it as it's a Song Biscuits episode (so the entire video was devoted to the song) and it's a song that's been released on iTunes.

I don't think this one is on the list..."Zesty Teachers Song"? https://youtu.be/ikpuyLUId9E?t=6m15s

I've put it in! Thank you!

"Everybody knows that Kevin lost!" https://youtu.be/hRcmFXO4GCI?t=12m8s


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