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OK I know they are the internetainers or how ever it is spelled and I had an awesome idea I think since they do contest or something they should get together with different websites and things and have a internet wide scavenger hunt, placing items and clues and things they need to do or write down to get the next clue or to the next place, and it would be a great way to promote other sites and well as their own music and a great way to have fun ... what do you think ?

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I think that is a great idea!
i think they could make something epic of they did an total online scavenger hunt getting all kinda of websites businesses org. and groups to promote it and back them and help with clues and things as well and since they are always giving something away that would be one sweet way with like clues and maybe solve this riddle to get this clue or send proof that you did something crazy like a pic of someone pogoing or something just with their own creation and ya know let their comedy and things go hand in hand that think that would rock !!! what do you think ?...but you will have to let them handle everything ..because i dont think anything like this has ever been done ..i have some other ideas i wont post here but maybe i will tell rhett or link if they like my idea
I've always hoped someone, even if it wasn't R&L, would do a huge internet scavenger hunt - I'd be in for something like that.

(FYI, in the past they've done the Quest For The Seven Keys, but it wasn't a scavenger hunt, or at least in the sense that you're thinking of.)
hey shane yeah that was why i was thinking about it this way ..its they didnt do a scavenger hunt like i am talking and i think it would be so much fun to give it a go !!
Sounds like a great idea.
That is a very cool idea. Kind of intense, but very cool.
I know that was why i thought it lol plus wouldnt that be awesome and it helps out many people
Great idea! I don't think they'd do another Quest for the Seven Keys. This would be another fun adventure in the land of Internetainment!

Plus, I didn't get the opportunity to participate in the Quest for the Seven Keys. I didn't have the equipment to make any videos for any of the CBEs during that time. I really enjoyed being able to participate in the CBE this time around, even if I didn't make a video... but I would love to participate in something like this!!
Didn't the Vlogbrothers do an internet wide scavenger hunt a while back? It was a while ago... and it wasn't a collaborative deal.. but I get what you mean, it would be awesome
i think they could pull it off better than anyone since they are based 90 % online and know more about online stuff than most


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