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Solution to fix cracks on GMM mug- affordable tutorial and up-keep

I actually had the handle of my GMM mug crack, and I found a way to fix it that has worked. I decided to share it with you. (This process takes a couple days)

**If the rim/lip of your mug is chipped, this is not a safe way to fix it. The supplies used are not fit for consumption, and should not be put near your mouth or inside the mug. This tutorial is for hairline cracks on the outside of the mug and handle only.** 


-Dish Soap


-Black and Clear nail polish (and possibly orange if the fissur goes through the logo) 

-Small Paintbrush/Sponge

Wash the crack/chip with dish soap and make sure there is no dirt or germs. This will make sure that the material is clean and will help the glue stay in place better. Take a small brush or sponge and dab some superglue in the chip and let dry for the rest of the day to let it set. The next day, repeat a second layer over the first and make sure you are keeping even brush strokes in the same direction so that the end result will look neater. You should let the second layer set for the rest of the day. 

On day three- paint and even, and thin layer of black nail polish over the superglue to conceal the crack that reveals the ceramic underneath. (The finish will not be matte) After letting the nail polish adequately dry, paint a thin layer of clear nail polish over the black. If the crack runs through the logo of the mug, You can use a smaller detail brush of sponge to patch up the letters on the mug. You should also paint clear nail polish over that as well. This will seal the polish so that you don't need to fix it constantly. 

If you really want it to be a completely matte finish, you can buy matte nail polish and you can skip the clear nail polish step. I personally recommend using clear nail polish. 

Once everything is dry and sealed, you've done it. Congratulations :)

After you fix it:

You should not scrub or soak your mug. This will cause the layers of polish and glue to peel and will ruin your three days of work and patience. Do not put it in the dishwasher, I suggest rinsing it and drying it by hand after use with cool water.

I hope this was help, and somehow gave you an idea on how to fix your GMM mug. From what I have experienced, all supplies are pretty affordable. 

Ttyl fellow mythical beasts! :) <3 

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