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Should Link Change His Hairstyle? (AKA Link's New Hairdo For The Win!)


On today's GMMore (Christmas 2015!), Link stated that he only wants approval for his new hairstyle (which most of us have seen) and doesn't want to be chided for it. So in retaliation (that's probably the wrong word) and compliance to that, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, do not be mean and do not complain or protest his new hairstyle! As I've stated numerous times before, it's his life and it's his hair! The previous posts are below so read them if you wish. LINK'S NEW HAIRSTYLE FOR THE WIN!


(20/12/15) Link's hair is up! Look in the comments to see it and read the stuff below for more context...


On today's GMM (7/12/15), Link obviously got a haircut (I'm certain he cut it himself) prior to the episode and it's probably going to be like that for a while. His wings are virtually non-existent now. I know that just for making this discussion seems a bit judgemental and shallow as we are just talking about someone's hairstyle but I want to know what people think. Do you think that the absence of Link's wings is good? Either way, Link's wings are probably going to be really mythical now - both imaginary and awesome (but some of his wings are still there). Consider the other people's comments but don't chastise them for their opinions if they happen to differ from your own. Remember - "Opinions are like buttholes: everybody's got one and they usually stink" (Link said that). And be nice! It's his bleedin' hair and his bleedin' life! BYMB!

Original post is below -

On today's Good Mythical More episode (9/9/2015) "Should Link's hair go up?", it was revealed that 75% of Mythical Beasts like Rhett's hairstyle better than Link's. Link, Rhett and the crew then started to experiment with Link's hair. Link's new hairstyles mainly consisted of no wings and his fringe going up. Should Link make his hair go up? I would usually think that most would think he shouldn't as there is a whole song about hair going up and down so the song would be "My hair goes up. My hair goes up" rather than the latter being down. Also, there is a group on this Kommunity with people whose hair goes down and Link's iconic hairstyle is a part of the logo but he really should get to decide (although the logo HAS been changed before and in the old logo, Link didn't even have his glasses!). Watch the video to view the hairstyles or watch the end of the 7th Mythical Show episode to see another one. You can also look at the "Our Bad Hairstyles" episode to see his hairstyles from when he was younger or just watch older videos. Of course, there have been many different hair configurations such as Rhett's chinstrap, Link's moustache and Link's beard being introduced but then being changed but if Link changes his hair, it would defy them all. Please let us know of your opinion (but don't be mean) and feel free to photoshop some new hairstyle suggestions! Just keep in mind that it is his decision and we cannot pressure or coerce him into keeping/changing his hairstyle. It's his life and it's his hair. Same with Rhett (although I think he's pretty proud of his survey-winning hair). 

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I don't think he should but if he does he should grow it longer from the older episodes. He is perfect the way he is. I cried and was shaky  just by reading the title of GMMORE and watching it.

Someone did a very nice job on those!

2 and 4 bottom row are my favorites there - but just goes to show Link can pull off pretty much any hairstyle he likes.  

I do like the current hair, but it just might be time to try something fresh, and if that is what Link wants, some of the options they tried on the show, (and the shopped ones here) look fantastic.

Oh mylanta. Number 1 on the top row looks amazing. 2 and 4 on the bottom are awesome too :)

Number 4 on the bottom looks like a proper movie star.

I really agree with what you said, you basically said what I was thinking :p

Link will be loved no matter what!

My opinion is that Link should do what makes him happy. I really dislike discussions about the way ANYONE looks. He should feel comfortable and that is all that matters. We can be adult about it and accept it and stay positive about it. Feeling insecure is a horrible feeling, I know. Whatever he does, or doesn't do..should not be to please anyone else. I understand when you are in the public eye and being judged by that might effect your livelihood, but I think us mythical beasts, anyone that have followed them for any amount of time aren't thinking, "I'm getting up to watch the GMM hair show!" I would hope if he decides on a change, that it still stays unique from Rhett's. I'm being kind of funny here, hope it's not taken wrong, but my nine year old son helped me word it....Link's hair looks so soft, like if I were to meet him, I'd suffer trying not to "pet " him...lol! Remember...9 year old helping me with this, Rhett's hair looks nice, but untouchable....spiky and uninviting. Bottom line.WHATEVER THEY WANT! Lol!

Sorry for contributing to your annoyance but you are right - we don't watch GMM, Rhett&Linkasts and the rest to look at their hairstyles - we watch these videos because of Rhett and Link - the best bloomin' internetainers on Earth (and my heroes (sorry for using too many hyphens). 

Link should keep his hair the same, thought those pictures of his styles do look well on him. Link has never changed it. Keep it. I love it and so many others probably do to.
I like Links hair! It looks good on him! It would be pretty cool if he had a different hairstyle for one or two episodes though!
I love his hair the way he gots it .its not bad to try something different

I love Link's hair, but whether he keeps it the same, cuts it, changes the style, or dyes it blonde or bright green. it's his hair and he can do what HE wants with it

Thanks to everyone who has voiced out their opinion!


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