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For the ones who were there since the beginning, when the Live Kast first started, me and someone called G-Reg Hippo(is he still aroung??) created a facebook group called "Rhett&Linkast Live Wold Team" and we were doing a racep of the live kast. I remember Link really liked it, but with time, we kinda abandoned the group. Since there's now a huge kommunity, I was wondering if I should start to do recaps again. Would you read them? Is it still a good idea??

Debate is open!!

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Hey Maxime!
I always thought it was cool because it was a directory of what happened...an index that made it easier to go back and find stuff. I enjoyed reading through it; and I think everyone else would too...

but here's an idea...you could do a few as an example (or just re-post all your old ones here on the Komm) and then invite people to sign up to chronicle kasts into the future..and maybe even to go back to chronicle the archives...?

an entire Forum Category called "Kast archive" could be created and each Discussion could be an individual Kast summary.

Thoughts? Ideas? Support? Volunteers?
I would read it and join.
Yes!! Do it, i would read them one's opinion on what is said, go ahead. I'd love to see what would be said!!
I would TOTALLY read them! I love watching the Kasts, but sometimes I can't get to 'em until a lot later on in the archive, and I hate missing all the fun stuff! I think the ReKaps would be awesome!!
I found the Facebook Group:

I'd love to see that all moved "in house" now that we have the Kommunity (and then the Facebook group closed)...since, potentially, there's now more Beasts who would find this fun to contribute to...?
I agree, this is a great idea!
Absolutely a great idea to bring it into the Kommunity... I've come across quite a few mythical beasts who, like myself, don't do Facebook. ReKaps would be a great resource to have here...
I created the Forum Category and invited Beasts to contribute. Check it out:
Hehehe, looks like I got some job in my hands!! I'm happy reopening the whole ReKap thing, I've been thinking it about it for a while now! So the ReKaps are on!
Love this idea!
the answer issss....
get in where you fit in, people!


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