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Hey, I'm dying for a pair of your guys' shoes.  But on Tweak it says they're currently out of stock in a bunch of sizes, so does 'currently' translate as... 'We're  out of them forever', or what?


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I don't see any problems? What is your size?
I'm an 8w, by the way.
I can buy them?

I know this was four years ago but they're out of pretty much all of their shoes now, I'm assuming they're just trying to sell out of everything before showing something new, or making more. They are out of shirts and hats and the blue, pink, cream, most black, and 2.0 shoes. I think they are really only selling the camo shoes now, and the water bottles by Tweak. That's it. You would think that Tweak would want to remain in business right? It is a really good idea for a company, but since Rhett and Link partnered with them, they stopped selling other people's product, and are now not renewing inventory. 


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