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Post below and introduce yourself! It's just like when you call in to our Kast: who are ya? where are ya? Plus, add anything else you wanna share. But don't embarrass yourself.

To tell us who you are, set up your profile page! We'd like to see your face and you can use the page to tell us about yourself.

To tell us where you are, head over to The Great American Road Trip group and put a pin in the map! Or, if you're an international kommunity member, raise your hand over at this group.

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Dude u should get up at five that's when we can see it in MO. Lol

This is real late, but here i go:

I'm Emily Hennessey(Unipeg). I'm a seventh grader in Cumming,Ga that plays the alto saxophone in the school band. I proudly refer to myself as a band geek, or band ninja(a name my teacher calls us). I watch GMM every morning, and check your channel on saturday just in case. I have made myself very clear to my parents and friends what i want for Christmas:Mythical Shoes, Up To This Point CD, and any R&L shirt. I also plan to have a R&L themed BDay party(that sounds creepy). I sing R&L sings at any opprotunity, make references at every turn, and me and my friends are pinching pennies, and are trying to convince our parents to take us to vidcon, just to meet R&L and smosh.

That's honestly it.

Meg Genova's my name, and I am late to this subject, just like everything else I do. I am one of the biggest Orch Dorks you'll ever find, because my cello is my life! I'm not one of those fake "nerdy" people, because I am a Zelda and Pokemon nerd, and that's basically all I talk about. I'm mastering the art of vectoring in Gimp, Inkscape and Photoshop. I'm in the process of creating a Pokemon computer Rom, but I've stopped that project until I finish the plot. As you probably know, I love to draw! I've been featured on the homepage four times, and I haven't even been a beast for a super long period of time! I plan on saving all my money from Christmas to buy the Tweak Mythical Shoes, but I'm flat broke, so it's gonna be a while.
I'm Daniel Nevienski from Littleton,CO and I love doing computer graphics and Adobe photoshop. I make graphics images for people who require it.

I am the Mighty Thor, Son of Odin. I live in Asgard, but I am currently visiting Bruce Wayne on Earth. He has been gracious enough to allow me to reside in his Manor while I am staying here.

Hello, my name is Chris. But who am I? Probably the sum collection of all my experiences. I live in Hershey Pa. It is where the Hershey Chocolate, and Reeses factory are located. It used to smell like chocolate round these parts. As you probably know chocolate smellz good. 


I'm Melani Alice Traverez, I'm 21years old, I'm from Providence, Rhode Island and I'm a proud Mythical Beast.

my name is jamie (female) from small town jacksonville illinois, and i am a funny piano player who drinks vinegar and is proud of it!

My name is Rachel I live in Winnipeg, Canada, basically the coldest place on earth that can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius or even higher and I play piano and the sport ringette.
I am Michael on New Jersey I play bassoon buff said

My name is Paige. I live on Chehalem Mountain in Oregon. Let's see . . . Im 22. I'm a support specialist at a center for disabled adults. I raise and breed Netherland Dwarfs (which sound like Mythical creatures but are in fact a very small breed of domestic rabbit) I'm also a fan of My Little Pony and Little House on the Prarie. Love God. Love my family. Love watching Good Mythical Morning. Hello everyone ! :)

Hello my fellow mythical beasts I am Kenny strode (Mr. D_Lo) to some I am a new member to your Kommunity, and would like to let you guys know who I am a little bit... 

I'm from Montclair CA born and bred and I'm excited to be here

I am a 21 yr old I work as a technician on what I deem to be the most epic car in the past present and future... I work for DeLorean Motor Company. yes, DeLorean like Back to the future and I love it, in fact this is my dream job... anyway sorry bout that I love deloreans and that is actually how I came to find rhett and link because one of the first videos I watched of them was the song "In the 80's" and got hooked from then on. 

what is there really else to say I dabble in rapping, I am a hopeful romantic, and I love most comedies... 

if any of you like deloreans as well hit me up... lol 


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