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Post below and introduce yourself! It's just like when you call in to our Kast: who are ya? where are ya? Plus, add anything else you wanna share. But don't embarrass yourself.

To tell us who you are, set up your profile page! We'd like to see your face and you can use the page to tell us about yourself.

To tell us where you are, head over to The Great American Road Trip group and put a pin in the map! Or, if you're an international kommunity member, raise your hand over at this group.

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My name is Teresa. I am a senior choral music ed major at Indiana State University (yes, where Larry Bird graduated from). I first found the guys when my roomie and I found the Facebook song on YouTube (no surprise) when looking for songs about Facebook.
I'm Michelle from Virginia, I'm a grad student studying screenwriting and scriptwriting, and have my undergrad degree in animation. I like drawing, reading comic books, and traveling.

I found R & L from a link someone posted on Facebook of the Facebook song, and was hooked ever since.
My name is Rene De La Cruz, please don't laugh at my girl's name! I'm a Pastor from Southern California. I have a wonderful wife, and a daughter in college who has been all over world. A great son in High School who is a handsome, genius, baseball kind of guy. Back in the 70's when I was in middle school I told myself - "One day everyone will have an affordable camera, and when that day comes, I'll be making videos all the time!"

In 1988 I followed my daughter around 24/7 making videos. Then when my son was born we filmed our own talk show with this old puppet dinosaur -DINO! We also did a series of videos with a Giant Shampoo Bottle Head and this Rubber Ant. That was The Adventures of Bulb Head!" I laid down the camera for quite a while, then YouTube was born and my film making juices were resurrected!

Rhett and Link inspired me to work in video production and today, Fat Mime Productions is my video business. We are having some major fun with it, and I also helped one of my Spanish speaking friends to produce a Hispanic Website that does Spanish videos. Gracias Rhett Y Link.

Rene De La Cruz
Hey, I'm Emily. I usually post under the name darkhorsegirl in the chatroom. I'm from Jackson, TN, and I've liked Rhett&Link for...hmm...(counts)...about a month or two. I'm a newcomer to the Kommunity. =) And when Reality Calls, I tend to let it ring. :)
I'm Jaron, or Fridgecrisis anywhere online. I live in SLC, UT, and uh... I've never worked behind the scenes with Rhett and Link! I feel like I'm the only one. :( But I'm still a big fan and I'd love to do more... that is, if my computer could do more than just managing to load a video without freezing up. *sigh*
Don't worry, you're not the only one. :)
You might recognize me from the chat as Tegalto, but in real life, I'm just Tess. I live in the greater Phoenix area in Arizona. I'm the one who geeked out because you, Link, read one of my posts in the chat during a live show (It was my first one, and you guys asked something facetious like "If this is your first time, where have you been?!" and my response was "College!")... and proceeded to make a geeky video response to you about how excited I was about it (I have since removed the video from YouTube).

One of my greatest regrets was having to drive up to northern AZ during your American Idol live show, effectively missing it entirely, though I did watch it later. That most likely would have been my first call in, because I think I could have kicked trash. :P You see, I have just finished the coursework for my Choral Music Education degree (wish me luck student teaching in the fall!), which means I've spent the better part of my life singing, and plan on continuing to do so in my career... that and I've got the American Idol song down pat.
Dang. Nice job with your degree! Good luck with the teaching thing, that sounds exciting! My choir teacher was amazing in high school. It was a fun class.
Yeah, I'm way excited!
Don't feel bad, I tried to call in. I wanted to sing the gas prices song, but I never got through.
I'm Gino (x30175). I'm a supervisor/customs Controller at a container terminal in Belgium. I enjoy watching fun video's and other fun stuff on the internet and commenting on them. I value creativity, because I lack it myself :) . Whenever possible (within my means) I will also try to support creative people.
Well, I'm Shane Adams. I'm a fourteen year old teenager from Philadelphia, and I'm told I suffer from Internet addiction (and some even suggest ADD). First and foremost I consider myself a blogger, and a crap one at that. Read it here. Also, I tweet, I take photos (sorta), and I do a bunch of other stuff. I'm also an early adaptor to the Kommunity. Since January 2008, I've been watching all of the videos and live shows R&L have done.
And that's about it. (So, do I say goodbye? That'd be kinda silly. Maybe 'see ya around'? Yeah, that sounds right.) See ya around!


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