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 Very tragic news today... this effects so many including the more intimate Mythical Beast reason with having Linkin Park recently make an appearance on GMM and also making another cool short form video  with our guys. 

Ben has commented on twitter here how he feels about this.   I think no one should directly contact the main account or their personal socials asking for a statement, as this tweet from Ben speaks for the whole bunch of them.  I cannot imagine than any of them have any other opinion that this is a sad sad thing. 

This becomes a reminder to those of us that suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, that there is help out there, there are ways to find it anonymously, and there are people that care.  Suicide does NOT have to be the permanent answer.

This is very helpful

I love you all!!! 

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I've been at that point where I felt suicide was the only answer. A lot of people feel that suicide is a selfish thing but I've definitely felt at some points that it's the best option for me and those around me, like all I can ever be in their lives is a liability and a hindrance. It's refreshing to actually see the band recognise the suicidal tenancies, even if it's after the fact.  

Suicide has impacted my immediate family and I can only say that I understand the impact it makes on the family.  I have had by bad days and, of late especially, I have been in a depressed state that I can't seem to shake even with the help of doctors and medicine.  I have never been this deep into this weird sadness that is so difficult to explain.  The oddest thing is, I really have absolutely no reason at all to even be situationally depressed.  I am clean from self harm for over 20 years now, and those feelings are becoming harder to fight. I have to admit that I have never wanted to die though.  I hate to hear that it has been that difficult for you at times, that your death seems to you to be the easiest or only way out. The thing that keeps me going is the knowing that things DO GET BETTER! They always have in the past.  And this can only be learned through experience and age. And though this particular bout I am dealing with now is hangin on for longer than usual, I know it will get better. It HAS to. I may not be quick to reply here, but if you can follow me on twitter. If you don't already just request a follow as I recently went private due to some issues I have had. I am not good at recognizing user names from different medias. Then, since I am staying off twitter as much as possible, we can DM if you ever need to. BYMB

Chester was a great singer. I wonder why he did that... (My reply feels short and shallow.)

It's fine. It's hard to find words.



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