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 So, a while back I created some

 mythibucks for shopping at 

 The Kommunity Store 

Then today I started thinking,

"How else can that 'funny money' be used?"

Funny Money = Monopoly Money!


We talked about it for a while,

and this is what we came up with:

> > > The Rules of RhettandLinkopoly.pdf 


> > > MythiBucks for game play






July 17, 2014 ~ GMMore #485

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I think at least one of the railroads, if not all, need to have some association with The Invisible Train. And perhaps the car piece could be the iconic Alka-Seltzer Great American Road Trip car?

GOT 'EM.  Excellent car choice!

Another obvious choice . . . The Lionel Railroad

(you see what I did there?)


Posting update pics in the KBE header as they are added.

And of course The Nigel Railroad.


Go directly to Mrs. Locklear's class, don't pass go.

@ Marcus - - I've decided to keep the "GO TO JAIL" space as-is in order to take advantage of Link's bicycle cop from the caption fail video, but will certainly use Mrs. Locklear somewhere in either the Chance or Kommunity Chest cards.

Maybe the "GO" space can be stylized as Mrs. Locklear's classroom...after all, that's where it all began, right?

The problem is the small space limitations ... If you can figure out how and design it, I will use it

Maybe the Get Out of Jail Free cards could be Rub Some Bacon On It cards. "Sent to jail? Rub some bacon on it." I dunno... lol.

It most definitely will be. THANKS

How about "Scent in jail? Rub some bacon on it."

Awesome idea Gumbo!  I think you should involve the Wheel of Mythicality somehow, maybe a property, chance or kommunity chest card, token etc.  Also maybe the dark blue properties could be Rhett and Links special spaces from the wheel?  Lastly the favorites from GMM Season 1 could maybe be chance or kommunity chest cards?


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