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So i can only access the internet through my phone and using the internet isnt easy on it so i think they should make and app for this anyone else think so?

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I think that is a cool idea, by the way have you checked out Rhett and Link's official app on the app store? You also get access to secret videos that haven't been posted anywhere else.

I agree! Its so hard to get to it on my phone, and I rarely need to use my computer! I would be able to use this so much more!

I looked for one on mine and it didnt have one thats why i thought of the idea

I don't know what kind of phone you have, but on the iPhone, I pushed the box with the arrow and it gave me a cool little Randler icon to put on my home screen for easy access to the Kommunity. And you can view the page like normal or as a mobile version, which is nice but I prefer normal. 

An iPhone or iPod app would be really cool Ive got the iPhone 4 :D

I have the galaxy s2 and where did you find the box that gave you the icon?

It's a little box that has an arrow coming out of it...I've never been sure what that icon is called. I'm not sure what it would be on a Galaxy. 

I think i found something sorta like that and thanks for the tip on the shortcut to home the screen:)
On Android press the button that looks like a top of a page and click on more, Then there should be a list and one of them is, "add short cut" or something like that.

this icon is only on apple products


Here is how to do this on the iPhone. 

You can choose to flag either the "mobile friendly" or full desktop version of the Kommunity page - - that's why I've included two different versions of Step 1

To start, just open whichever version you want to flag on your phone desktop by using Safari or whatever internet search tool you have available . . .


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