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In the chat, a few of us started saying words that we thought should be added to the not-yet-written "Kommunity dictionary." Here are a few words we thought up...
*********-applause (Used in chat of RhettandLinKast.)
ASGART - the shortened name of the Alka-Seltzer Great American Road Trip
Beasties-referring to your Mythical Beast friends, as opposed to "besties" (best friends) (Teresa U - Twin Phoenix - TnT)
A Beastly Roar- A shout out. (Coined by Jack Stevenson The RowelPyranto)
Big Rhett & DJLink - R&L's rap names
BrainTooth - name for the as yet uninvented (though already conceived) technological connection which will enable direct upload/download capabilities between the human brain and computing devices. (From "The Future According to Rhett")
The Cave-Usually used on RhettandLinKasts, the Cave is the instance of turning up the echo or reverb for a better acoustic sound.
Chiasquatching- The new LOL. The act of laughing out loud. (Coined by Emily Collins (The Dark Horse))
Chiasquatch Sighting- to see something hilarious, made by Rhett and Link. (Coined by Cara Canelli (CaraBarracuda)
Claviculize: To grab someone by their clavicle as if grabbing handle bars on a bicycle. (Coined by Rachel Grace)
De-edgify - to remove the crusts from a peanut butter sandwich using a shard of a broken CD
Disseminasell - to get something 'out there' and people pay you for it.
Doom seed - believed to exist inside electronic devices. Germinates after approximately 18 months, killing the device. First postulated by Rhett & Link.
Epic Shabaz-The new FTW. (Coined by Catie (Twin Leprechaun))
Fe-mell, and mell-The gender difference here on the Kommunity between beasts. Fe-mells being the feminine group, and Mells being masculine. ("Coined" by Rhett)
Grace Jones - a styrofoam head that appears to be R&L's current preferred stand-in cohost and ear-candle test subject (from Jan. 15/09 Kast)
Holiday Limbo - The period of time between Christmas and New Year's. You may be unsure of what greeting to use ("Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year") during this period of time.
InKommnia- Lack of or inability to sleep because of too much time spent on the Kommunity, chatting with fellow Mythical Beasts, and/or watching/listening to RhettandLink. (Coined by Mel (Salerbatis))
Internetained - Those who experience internet entertainment.
Internetainers - The one and only Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal (AKA, RhettandLink.) There shall be no other.
Internetainment - The act of entertaining via the internet.
Internetainment Holes - tiny invisible holes above your ears that internetainment goes into. (See Kast of 10-1-09)
Link's super-trifecta of singleness eradication for guys - playing Al Green music, lighting a vanilla scented candle (or pumpkin scented if between September and November), and telling a story wherein you rescue an animal, all in the presence of a woman that you want to be your girlfriend. Will either be effective within moments, or indicate that you should get used to being a single guy.
Loboclod-Roboquad; Locke's Christmas (Chlistmas) present in 2007; recommended for children age 8 and over; it has 4 legs, which looks like a spider which has 8 legs (Locke in December 28, 07 Holiday Limbo Show Kast)
LOLICL- Laughing out loud in capital letters.
Lungal infection - a respiratory ailment which often prevents one from singing, and may temporarily render a portion of one's voice "gone". Also known as "the flu"
Kast Couch Pilgrimage - To make the journey to Lillington to see the Kast (Coined by Brian "Sabre Tooth Poodle" Nash)
Kast Couch Pilgrims - The ones who make the journey to Lillington to see the Kast (coined by Brian "Sabre Tooth Poodle" Nash)
Kommunicating-Exchanging information here on the Kommunity. (Coined by Corey Kramer (Ghost Chicken))
Kommunitastic-An act or object of greatness found on or around the RhettandLinKommunity. (Coined by Rachel - Zagabeenie (Jackalope))
Kontributing-participating in the Kommunity (adding to discussions, posting pictures and videos, joining groups, chatting, etc.) (Coined by Teresa U - Twin Phoenix - TnT)
Being Rhett - Being right. "Rhett"'s similiar to the Swedish "rätt", wich, obviously, means "right". (Coined by Evelina Waara (Dextria))
Link's "Think/Speak" chart: A chart of Link's thoughts divided into two columns. One column contains things that are okay for Link to say. The other contains things he should only think. (Coined by Rhett (Technically.))
Mclaughs- Just like any other laugh, but with MC like in Rhett's last name. (Coined by Jack Stevenson The RowelPyranto)0
Mythical Beast(s)-A loyal and faithful die-hard fan (or fans) of RhettandLink. Refers back to the way Rhett and Link met originally. Used collectively to describe members of the Kommunity. (See Profanity and Unicorns Song)
Mythically Beastly- To act or be acting as a true Mythical Beast. (Coined by Tegalto TessGray TwinPhoenix TnT)
Nostalgic Letdown - (from Dec. 28/07 Kast) when something from your youth doesn't live up to the memories (eg. proportion of a room or peanut-butteriness of a Snickers)
OMR&L- The new OMG. (Coined by Cara Canelli (CaraBarracuda))
Online Nation-epic fail, or FTL. example: I bombed this pop quiz. That was totally an Online Nation! / My internet browser crashed, so now I can't watch the Kast... internet browser problems ON. (Coined by Teresa U - Twin Phoenix - TnT)
Phatdippin - the art of swimming with your clothes on (opposite of skinny dipping)
ProKastination - similar to RhettandLinkrastination coined by mikequad.....maybe this one only pertains to watching the Kast (Coined by Rachel - Zagabeenie (Jackalope))
Purple Button- A button that grants total world domination through bluetooth headsets when pressed, thoerized to happed in 2043
RaLearworm (Rhett and Link earworm)- When you get a Rhett and Link song, or phrase stuck in your head. (Coined by Catie (Twin Leprechaun))
RandLer- A Mythical Beast (see definition) depicting and representing Rhett and Link.
RhettandLinkalize-To customize with words, phrases, or photos of or pertaining to Rhett and/or Link. (Coined by Emily Collins (The Dark Horse))
RhettandLinkast - "a podcast by RhettandLink" also the name of the weekly Broadcast from ustream or www.rhettandlink.com/live
RhettandLink-icon- A universal dictionary of RhettandLink terms. Taken from the word 'lexicon.' (Coined by Cara Canelli (CaraBarracuda))
RhettandLinkisms- Terms that are pertaining to RhettandLink. Many of these can be found in the RhettandLink-icon. (Coined by Mikequad)
RhettandLinkrastination - doing something Rhett And Link related rather then work you really should be doing (coined by mikequad)
RhettandLinkreations - The Company Name of Rhett and Link
RhettandLinKurfew- The time when one must cease watching RhettandLink videos, listening to RhettandLink songs, chatting with fellow Mythical Beasts, watching the Kast, and/or browsing and posting on the Kommunity forums. Often used with tenses of the word "break." I.E. "I have broken my RhettandLinKurfew!" "I can't break my RhettandLinKurfew again tonight!" (Coined by Emily Collins (The Dark Horse))
Rhettwood - Rhetts Hippie Name from the Alka-Seltzer Great American Road Trip (Coined by "Dream Follower...")
Scrawny suit: Link's excuse for not looking muscular. (Coined by Jack Stevenson (TheRowelPyranto))
"Shatnering" - Speak/singing.
The Snowplow of Internetainment- Expression used to show how Rhett&Link move forward in the world of Internetainment.
Supernote- a vocal note held as long as possible with a single breath
Thought Cube (or Kube) - Where Rhett goes to think when he is overwhelmed while hosting a Kast solo.
Unibrowser - a person whose singular purpose for being on the internet is to find more Rhett and Link videos.
Velcrolisity- A measure of how velcro-y an object or objects is/are. (Coined by Keaton Simpson (Solar Bird))
Velcrotastic- Full of or having much velcro. (Coined by Keaton Simpson (Solar Bird) )
Viewser-Viewer+User. (See clips of Online Nation from Kast on 10/1/09) (Coined by...production staff of Online Nation. Said by Link. Suggested by Teresa U - Twin Phoenix - TnT)

Keep addin'! This could be fun!

If you could post your suggestions in the same form as I did above, that would be great! =) If I made any mistakes on who coined what first, just tell me. The chat was a-blur!

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O my. Hahahaha funny!!!

Rachel - Zagabeenie (Jackalope) said:
Zoo Dudes-going #2
New Day-when Ashton finally subscribes to Rhett on Twitter

MissEh (Sentient Blossom) said:
Dropping the turkey - Depending on context, either blowing one's nose, or giving bad news.
woa this looks good thx for the info its useful!!!
Thanks :)

Shaina Morrell (Simurgh) said:
Claire, excellent word. In fact, it's such a great word that I almost used it in conversation with someone who's not even a Mythical Beast the other day.

Claire (Flying Penguin) said:
I would like to add Rhettdiculous in light of a conversation on Oct, 29.09

Rhettdiculous- to be like Rhett McLaughlin when he is absurd, laughable, foolish, and/or silly. One is often Rhettdiculous during a monologue in the R&LKast. See the Future according to Rhett for more examples. Synonym: Pulling a Rhett (Coined by Connie (Claire_ the Flying Penguin Oct. 29.09 @ 22:48)
Hiotus (hi-oat-us) -when a hiatus becomes very long (said by Rhett during the Questions and Debates Show on May 14, 2009 at 0:59:26-0:59:30 of recorded kast).
baconization: the act of bacon making everything better by being rubbed on something. Or just something becoming better in general.


kommarads- best buddies on the komm, Much like beasties

Blondor -  Rhett's place that he goes to when he wants to go to sleep

Doesn't "Rhett" also mean awesome/great (from the vintage curse word GMM)?


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