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Although the Duo has known each other for over two decades, it is inevitable that there are points (breaking points) that make you think: "Are Rhett and Link finally going to duke it out with fisty cuffs?"
"Could this be the end of Rhett and Link?" or
"Am I watching a younger version of the Odd Couple?"

Here are some of those competitive moments with Rhett versus LinkI share these moments and ask: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE R. v. LINK MOMENT?

Final Update: the attached file contains every tense moment during their RhettandLinKast of 2009. It is not the same as the document previously posted! Re-uploaded and digitally re-mastered on May 31st, I use Windows 7 word document, please message me in my inbox if there is a read-compatibility issue. 

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Wow, you did a great job of it too! I don't really have anything important to say I just wanted to say thank you for providing such thorough and entertaining (and eye opening!) information for everyone.
Thanks Parker J. I try and there are actually atleast three other work in progresses collecting dust in my archives.
Well geez you need to kick it into gear and get them on here! For all our R&L obsessing sakes...
great ideas and very through. Glad I'm not alone in noting what zingers they use;)
I'm watching the artichoke show... it is pretty hardcore. I can imagine that they were probably ready to go home and were tired of being around eachother.

But, they are still friends at the end of the day, and that's what makes them great. :)
haha Now I'm going to have to watch the World's Largest Artichoke Show :)
That's a really good idea! But my computer is being stupid and I can't open the attachment :(
Sorry about that. The file was originally formatted for Windows word doc on an old laptop and uploaded by another laptop that uses Vista. If you would like me to try to email to you just send me a message in my inbox.
Ok, I sent you a message
Great work, Claire, and great discussion! (ROFL --> "fisty cuffs!")

Rhett does seem to take the "fatherly" side of most tiffs, it seems to me. Like, most recently, when Link killed the cockroach and then dangled it in front of the camera, Rhett scolded Link to go wash his hands. Link stomped off and said, "Just move on!" I giggled a lot!
thanks guys. I am currently working on the 2009 version of this list. Which means the hiatus is bittersweet for me. Bitter: no more new shows Sweet: It gives me a moment to re-watch the kast and catch up on some cataloguing.
This is an amazing list! Although I actually cringe though when they get out the fisty cuffs. It's like watching somebody's mom and dad fight. :o( But they're always professional and move on.

Here's an idea to sweeten up your hiatis: How about a list of moments when they just crack each other up during the kast? An example (although non-kast) is when Rusty interviewed Rusty Sr. Link totally cracked up Rhett talking about his pills "Like a meal in itself." And then Link's talking about a "pack of nabs." Those moments tickle my chains!


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