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I am totally sticking my neck out here to get this discussion going!  I HOPE to get  some great ideas that are affordable and feasible and BIG enough to celebrate the big FOUR O!  There have been some small discussions happening here and there with some pretty amazing ideas for a Kommunity gift, but we need to get them down and get them catalogued. The way I see it, we have a month to plan and then production had better start to get it there on time.

I don't think that too many tangible items are realistic.  I am not an editor of any kind..(NOT ASSUMING I AM TAKING ON THIS PROJECT AGAIN BUT FOR WHOEVER DOES....) editing together clips of fans would be a tedious and time consuming job.  Not that he's not worth it, but unless someone has 100% of their time to devote to this (which one of you may..*wink wink*) it may turn out to be a mess not worthy of such a milestone birthday.  I think the books are always nice, but for this birthday we should think of something more special. ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT... I know jokes are made about Rhett buying useless things but the use of the mousepad from his last gift shows that things that are useful in every day life/business will be probably best. 

Remember, the Beast taking on this job will use their time and money to get the gift completed and shipped so making it as easy as possible is best. 

Turn your thinkers on and lets make this milestone...that I will share with him only 11 days later... a great one. When one of you decides to head up the project, a separate discussion can be started by you to avoid confusion.


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Just like Kevin mentioned above, the ones that are going to be managing the project need to confirm and get started.  It looks like with all of the good ideas that it is going to take a team.  That team can create a new discussion and lay out the deadlines and instructions on how to submit things.  Also, the managers will need to be available on twitter or instagram DMs, as well as here for questions....many questions.  And the quicker they are addressed the better or some may not get submissions in on time. Nothing worse than having to push the project back or having to tell a fellow beast that it is too late for their submission. Believe me.  

I completely agree that though the books seem to be popular with the guys, it is something that we have done for a couple of years and a website that can accessed anywhere might be more realistic and just as easy to contribute to.  Everyone uses different programs so managers would need to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone has Dropbox or Medium etc.. Some may just want to type a nice letter and message it to a manager. 

I set up a separate email for submissions so that I had them all in one place and didn't miss any that came in with business emails or junk. I am not an artist so I would probably just sent a letter of appreciation. I don't know if that helps.  But those are just some ideas I think are helpful.  If I were to vote, I think he needs his own website. ALSO, this learning process with be very helpful for Link's birthday next year because we will have kinks worked out and I think we should do the same for both for their 40th.

Sounds good.

I'm horrible when it comes to computers.

I'm good at gathering info from the internet and some design stuff.

I do a have one program that I can covert files, just need to know what file extension to use.

I'll help out any way I can.

Also I'll see what I can give for a gift (real/virtual) .

Hey, guys. I think I heard calls for me.


There's now only a month left to do this, so we are really behind now. I definitely think we should AT LEAST do a website in light of the time crunch, and I think we'll be in good hands with Kevin in charge of that.

Here's my $1 million question about the website: In years past, a lot of people would submit fan letters. Are they going to want those aired out on the internet for everyone to see? Or are we just doing fan art on the website?


I have an idea for the entire project that will include a website and a book (if time allows) that I would like to share with you guys, but I'd like to know the answer for the above question first. As a preface, I really think that for their 40th b-days we really need to do something different, something outside the box. Fan mail/art is great but they get that every year (if not year long) and I think it's starting to get a bit stale. We need something new.


Jaymie, can you post here or DM me about your experience with getting the book from last year printed? What service did you use? Cost? And importantly, the turnaround time?

I'm seeing a 2-week turnaround from most places and that would only give us 2-3 weeks to work on the book.

Ari, thanks for getting back to us. In response to your questions:

1) To deal with the quickly approaching deadline, we already started asking people for to submit content in a new discussion. I manage the email mentioned there, so I can get you access to their submissions.

The content for your book would be letters and pictures, and those would also be publicly displayed on the website. I mention this in that new discussion and ask people to request anonymity if they do not want their letter tied to their name.

2) We can certainly hear your idea, but we will need to make sure it at least can utilize the content people have already submitted. We also need to keep in mind that if the website portion is very ambitious, I may not have the time to pull it off.

3) To get in contact with Jaymie, I suggest adding a comment on her profile page or adding her as a friend here on the Kommunity so you can send her a direct message.

Kevin, thanks for replying.

The issue right now with putting letters and pictures in the book is that there's not enough time. The cut off date would have to be something like the 15-17th of Sept in order to give 2 weeks for book production, a few days for me to put things together, and a few days for shipping to Mythical Entertainment. So that would leave about 2 weeks for people to submit content.

Which brings me to the idea that we reserve fan letters, art, pics for the website so that people can submit their stuff close to Oct 11 as possible.

My idea was for the book to have 1 component and the website 3 components.

Website would include
1) the main theme of "40 reasons" (explained below)
2) fan submissions (art/letter/etc.)
3) video of top 40 moments

You've already started 2) and 3) so we're not changing anything much

Book would include 1) only

The main theme 40 REASONS WE LOVE RHETT is this

1. We have people vote for the 40 reasons they love Rhett.
2. Once they are ranked, we have people send in tweets or 140-character quotes in support of those 40 reasons that made the list.
3. So every page in the book would have a heading (e.g. "reason #1: ___") and then a compilation of fan quotes or tweets supporting that reason.

I think this idea is something fresh and special for this occasion. It would be poll and social media heavy, but I think it could be done quickly and in time for production. People who don't want to submit letters or pictures can also participate (either by voting or writing a short quote).

If we do this, I can then send Kevin the 40 pages to post on the website (each as a jpg or png).

That sounds like a good idea. I've sent you a friend request here on the Kommunity, and if you accept it I can send you the password to a place where I will be organizing all the submissions.

Kevin, I accepted your request.

So is this what we're doing? I'm a bit concerned by the lack of activity on the Kommunity currently. We're going to need a lot of participation.

I love where this ended up and I know it will turn out great! Thanks everyone!


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