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I am totally sticking my neck out here to get this discussion going!  I HOPE to get  some great ideas that are affordable and feasible and BIG enough to celebrate the big FOUR O!  There have been some small discussions happening here and there with some pretty amazing ideas for a Kommunity gift, but we need to get them down and get them catalogued. The way I see it, we have a month to plan and then production had better start to get it there on time.

I don't think that too many tangible items are realistic.  I am not an editor of any kind..(NOT ASSUMING I AM TAKING ON THIS PROJECT AGAIN BUT FOR WHOEVER DOES....) editing together clips of fans would be a tedious and time consuming job.  Not that he's not worth it, but unless someone has 100% of their time to devote to this (which one of you may..*wink wink*) it may turn out to be a mess not worthy of such a milestone birthday.  I think the books are always nice, but for this birthday we should think of something more special. ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT... I know jokes are made about Rhett buying useless things but the use of the mousepad from his last gift shows that things that are useful in every day life/business will be probably best. 

Remember, the Beast taking on this job will use their time and money to get the gift completed and shipped so making it as easy as possible is best. 

Turn your thinkers on and lets make this milestone...that I will share with him only 11 days later... a great one. When one of you decides to head up the project, a separate discussion can be started by you to avoid confusion.


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Good idea also.  Would you suggest those be presented in video format, screenshot format, a list?  If this becomes an idea that the project manager runs with, we can compile a list. And narrow down to the top 40.  It should not be a tough task. He has tons of memorable moments.

We have had 130 plus views... I am wondering if those folks are interested in being project manager, seeing how they can contribute or have great ideas to offer.

I'd love to help in whatever way I can - though I'm not a creative person myself, I am an organizer :) Let me know if you need any help.

Do you or anyone you know have the skills to create a website for him and organize it so that others can contribute to it?  I think that might be the way we are leaning,,,,,

I was thinking of getting him a wood carving kit.

the book idea sounds nice, but I'm not sure about managing the project

He already got a wood carving kit from Link in 2015 :)


Sounds time consuming, maybe someone could attempt to mail him a cake or something. Or maybe even a smoothie devised of all the "wonderful" things he's had on WILL IT videos. Maybe will it cake...


I already made a picture for his birthday. A giant ( trophy, since ( is ASCII character 40

I have found a shirt for him and i thought about making a card for him

What about something like 1 Ambassador from every State send in a certain item from that state (i.e. t-shirt or hat) but it has to be the same kind of thing from each state. Just an idea. Will try to think of other things. Something different than what we have been doing maybe?  It can all be sent in one big package to him like a Mythical Box of the Country/World.  Just to change things up a bit and give them something unexpected and maybe we will see the shirt or hat being worn on GMM instead of them having a book that is looked at and put in a shelf somewhere.  Just an idea.


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