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I am totally sticking my neck out here to get this discussion going!  I HOPE to get  some great ideas that are affordable and feasible and BIG enough to celebrate the big FOUR O!  There have been some small discussions happening here and there with some pretty amazing ideas for a Kommunity gift, but we need to get them down and get them catalogued. The way I see it, we have a month to plan and then production had better start to get it there on time.

I don't think that too many tangible items are realistic.  I am not an editor of any kind..(NOT ASSUMING I AM TAKING ON THIS PROJECT AGAIN BUT FOR WHOEVER DOES....) editing together clips of fans would be a tedious and time consuming job.  Not that he's not worth it, but unless someone has 100% of their time to devote to this (which one of you may..*wink wink*) it may turn out to be a mess not worthy of such a milestone birthday.  I think the books are always nice, but for this birthday we should think of something more special. ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT... I know jokes are made about Rhett buying useless things but the use of the mousepad from his last gift shows that things that are useful in every day life/business will be probably best. 

Remember, the Beast taking on this job will use their time and money to get the gift completed and shipped so making it as easy as possible is best. 

Turn your thinkers on and lets make this milestone...that I will share with him only 11 days later... a great one. When one of you decides to head up the project, a separate discussion can be started by you to avoid confusion.


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I had an idea a while back about framing the theme as "40 reasons we love Rhett McLaughlin" to reflect his 40th birthday. This would first require getting MBs to come up with and agree on the 40 reasons before creating the actual content.

From brainstorming with a few other people, probably the 2 most feasible options for that kind of content are:

  1. Make another physical compilation book, broken into sections for each "reason" with one or more entries per section. A physical book requires someone to edit together all the content into pages, then print and ship it, which can get expensive.
  2. Make a free website using something like Wix, which would allow for a wider variety of submissions like video clips and original or parody music. For a website, I personally feel like there'd be more incentive to have more than one entry per "reason" section, because a website could look emptier with fewer entries. I'm not 100% sure how Wix works, but I think there might be ads on the pages (but it's free!). Also, this would probably mean the content ends up viewable for people besides Rhett.

Either way, it could be a pretty big effort if we'd want multiple people to contribute under each reason...even if you only want 3 contributions per reason, that's 120 people (or some people making more than one contribution). It's possible, but the project manager would really have to be on top of everything. That's all I have!

I like the book idea better, but I understand that the website is free and I like the fact that everyone can view it. Wix is relatively easy to use. You need to select a format and insert text/ images. It's as easy as that! If you pick the free version, there are no ads to other websites, just tabs that promote wix (at least o the movie version). Also, the link says wixsite in it, but that's minor (both show in the image of my website I put below). I have created some in the past and they function very well. If you choose to pay for it ( which allows more features and gets rid of all wix ads) they are always offering discounts in your email once you sign up.

I hope I helped!

I really like that you know so much about this site.  I liked the idea of making a website for him when it was first mentioned by Victoria. It would be a website dedicated to him, even if it could be viewed publicly. Everyone contributing would need to make sure they are told, maybe in this discussion if that is the direction the project manager decides to go.  My only question would be, you mentioned a price for the site to avoid ads...is that a one time fee or something that has to be maintained? If it is a periodic charge, it would need to be the free version to save the project manager a continuous charge.  

And YES! You were very helpful. If we give it a little more time for ideas, and it comes down to creating him a personal website, would you like to be the project manager?

I am sorry for the VERY late response to this. Throughout August and September, I will be busy and probably a very unreliable project manager, but I could pitch in here and there.
To answer your question about pricing, it is monthly, and the minimum price to remove ads is $10. So, it would make sense for us to use a free version.

Yes, thanks for the info.  My one true weakness is finding my way around creating websites.  Not saying I could never do it, but I have never done it.  So my learning curve would disrupt the flow of the project I'm afraid.  But also, I just remembered that the guys will be smack dab in the middle of a tour when his birthday rolls around and shipping something to the studio will not get to him before they get back in December.  So this is why I think a website would be amazing.  He could view it as many times as he wants from anywhere.

Unless I'm missing something, I think they will be living in LA during most of the two months of the tour. There are several days between many of the events.

If we are decidedly going with the website idea, I can manage it. For about $50 annually, we can have a site with no ads and a custom domain name like HappyBirthdayRhett.com. If we're planning on doing something similar for Link, we might as well get HappyBirthdayLink.com at the same time. These could then be reused in the future.

Part of my job is building websites, so that removes the learning curve others have mentioned.

Our tech hero! :)

How would the possibility of re-using the site work -- that is, what happens to the previous year's material if we end up wanting to use the same domain for the next year? I guess there could be a page dedicated to archives with internal links for each year or something, but I'm just not familiar with how Wix pages are set up.

I would actually use something called Wordpress, not Wix, though they are similar.

And I'd likely handle reusing the sites as you described: by having the current year's content on the home page with links to previous years.

Love this idea!  And we could somehow find contributors or fundraisers etc. for that $50 you mentioned. I would be willing to pledge or contribute. 

I love this idea. 

This is great info. Thanks, Kyle. :)

I'm leaning more toward the website idea lately, mostly because it seems like we'll want this project to be pretty large for Rhett's milestone and using a drag-and-drop free website format will be far less stressful and costly than compiling and editing a physical book. It also hopefully wouldn't require the need for specialized software like Photoshop for the project manager, if the contributors are required to do their own full editing before submission.

I know the tangibility of a physical gift seems more appealing, but digital contributions won't be any less heartfelt, and it would be the same kind of material Rhett would see in a book (even more material, probably, with the ability to include videos).

Maybe we can,do,Rhetts top 40 moments


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