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Page Kennedy, part of the cast of Rhett and Link's Buddy System posted this snapchat for mere moments before deleting it. I screenshot it, as I always do and shared it to twitter with the caption " Looks like Link is thanking everyone." I was quickly questioned by another Mythical Beast about Rhett's face, and only then I noticed. I thought 'Crap, Link's hair drama, reveal too soon, all over again..." and quickly went to delete the posts, noticing over 20 likes and 5 retweets. Twitter and Instagram got a little wild for a moment and I was afraid Page would be in some sort of trouble over it. I snapped him a head's up and asked him if the "missing beard" pic had caused him any trouble, and told him that I hope it had not.. to which he replied...

Will we start season 10 with a baby faced Rhett? We shall see....

I guess he never found a good cover-up...

Was starting to think I was the only one who remembered that tweet.  No one else has mentioned it.

Say it ain't so, Rhett!

Not sufficient evidence of continued beardless. . . Stevie could be latergramming a pic from weeks ago

Snapchat has an updated feature that you can use to bring old videos and pictures from your camera roll in to your story, but it usually says "memories" or "from camera roll" and is date stamped..  If she if fact did that, it would be very tricky.  That beard looks very very .....suspicious.

This was moments before Stevie's snap. I am not a beard expert, but those of you who are, what are your opinions?

It may or may not be so... Movie magic, or keeping us guessing? It almost seemed like a bit of a panicked effort to make sure Rhett showed his face a lot so far today. A couple snaps of Realrhettlink and this random snap from Stevie's account. They are wearing the same exact clothes in today's snaps as they were in the reveal during the VidCon livestream. But usually if you use the 'Memories' option on SnapChat, it will say "from camera roll" with a date on it. It sure has kept a bunch of us entertained as we wait for season 10! All in fun, all in fun.

I don't think my comment below merits a "spoiler warning" since Buddy System hasn't technically come out yet, but I know some people don't even like seeing theories or guesses before shows or movies, so....conjecture warning?

A beardless Rhett would go well with what we know of Buddy System's plot.  If it's about dealings with a past ex and they wanted flashback scenes, I wouldn't be surprised if Rhett and Link went all out to portray "young Rhett."


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