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Hi Mythical Beasts,

I was just wondering if there is going to be a project done for Rhett's birthday this year? I've seen the previous books he has gotten and being a relatively new Mythical beast I would love the opportunity to be involved in the next one.

I am going to be sending him a piece of art separately that I should get finished in time. (Need to get back to it!) If it ever got shown on Thursdays mail or on his birthday show, I think I would die. 

Anyway just wondering, if there is going to be a group created, as I searched for one and couldn't find it.

Maybe it's too early, maybe I'm too eager, but I don't know how long these things take to put together. 

Well, that's all for now. :)

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UPDATE:  I would like to report that all of the pages for Rhett's book have been completed. I just tweeted that we had 93 submissions, but upon further inspection (including the ones that were having trouble with email and had to DM me) we actually have 99 total submissions, with many contributors submitting more than one piece of art. We will have more than enough to fill his book. I am taking it to the binder tomorrow and at that point it is "sort of" out of my hands. Though I have a little pull being that I worked there for 16 years. I know they will treat me right. Also, to stuff the box and give him just as special of a gift as Link receives, I had a "Favorites" mousepad made that he can use at his desk (or someone else can use) at the office. AND a 100% mahogany desk top organizers for pens and pencils with a ceramic plate on the front bearing the Kommunity seal. I hope to make a video when it is all complete and post it here before I wrap it and send it on it's way. Thank you all for your wonderful letters and beautiful art.



Sounds amazing already! Can't wait to see the result :)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jme15iGKUPU   Sneak preview of what is heading Rhett's way!!


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