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Hi Mythical Beasts,

I was just wondering if there is going to be a project done for Rhett's birthday this year? I've seen the previous books he has gotten and being a relatively new Mythical beast I would love the opportunity to be involved in the next one.

I am going to be sending him a piece of art separately that I should get finished in time. (Need to get back to it!) If it ever got shown on Thursdays mail or on his birthday show, I think I would die. 

Anyway just wondering, if there is going to be a group created, as I searched for one and couldn't find it.

Maybe it's too early, maybe I'm too eager, but I don't know how long these things take to put together. 

Well, that's all for now. :)

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I came from the Kommunity tweet. Time is running out and if someone needs to step up, I will do my best. If anyone has any better idea than what I am about to put out there let me know. At this point I can't wait on physical mail. I know a place that can bind books. They are not as fancy as the ones that Carol had made last year, but they are heat bound and pretty nice. I can make collages of each page, but need at least 20 submissions of art or Happy Birthday notes to fill the available space. I would say that I will make the book and ship it out on the 19th.  ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE MADE TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS BY MIDNIGHT CST ON SEPTEMBER 17TH. My email address is jaymiebobs@yahoo.com   Along with your attached art or letter, please type in the subject line what name you want listed as a contributor. PSA: I have an extremely hectic work schedule and will have to hold tight to deadlines if I will do this. I promise that I will do my best to reply to you when your email is received. You can also catch me on twitter @JmeSunSlave if you have quick questions and I haven't replied here.

I'd definitely be on board for this, it sounds like fun! I'd love to help out anyway I can :)

Hey Jaymie. So will we just do like art/letter..etc? Just making sure because it's really hard to ship stuff (mail is banned from where I live to US) and I have a friend who is willing to contribute if it was not physical shipping because she isn't allowed too..
I mean is it like the idea of Link's. We draw something? Because I would LOVE to

Jaymie is taking digital submissions through her email account, so you don't have to mail or ship anything.

It's pretty much the same concept as last year's birthday book -- when you email Jaymie, attach a birthday note/letter to Rhett or some fan art you'd like to send him, or do both!

Okay. Great! Thanks a lot Victoria

Thank you Victoria for catching these questions when I can't get to them. I have things coming in already! Great stuff!

Hey Jaymie, I sent mine last night!
Just let me know if you saw it!
Btw thank you sooo much for doing this

Yes! Thanks so much, I sent a reply.

Yes, I will get my submission in as soon as I can!

I'll get started on something ASAP! How big will you need everyone's images to be, ideally? :)

Any size works great actually. Depending on the amount of submissions at the deadline, the largest I will go will be an 8x10. I used to manage a photo processing lab that makes really nice books. I can collage pics on pages or make one picture fill an entire page. If you send them small I WILL NOT make them look pixelated. I have ways around that.


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