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Rhett's 41st Birthday Gift - How to Participate and Important Details

Hi again, Mythical Beasts!

So, it's official! The postcard/video mashup gift (discussed here) has been given the green light! Thank you so much to everyone who gave us their feedback and support, it was hugely appreciated!


First, get yourself a postcard, preferably one that shows a picture of your location or hometown. Our aim is to show Rhett just how far and widespread the Mythical Beasts are, from big cities to small towns all across the globe. If you can't get a location specific postcard then any will be fine - consider writing your location somewhere in your message instead!

Next, grab a box. The exact size doesn't matter, but it should be large enough for the postcard to go into and not so big that it won't fit comfortably into your video clip. If you'd like to decorate your box then please feel free, but it's not a requirement. The boxes are only there to act as props for us to 'pass' to one another, and are not the focus of the video.

Film your clip using these steps:

  • take the box from YOUR RIGHT HAND SIDE of the frame and into the center, as if someone has passed the box to you.
  • display your postcard to the camera then drop it into the box.
  • pass the box to YOUR LEFT HAND SIDE, as though you are passing it to another Mythical Beast!


  • if you are using a cell phone to record your clip then please, please, turn your camera onto its side so it is filming landscape/horizontally.
  • try and frame yourself so that your hands will be just outside of the shot when you hold your arms straight out at either side.
  • where you film your clip is up to you! We had a wonderful suggestion to film it beside any landmarks or famous locations in your town, but your own bedroom will do just fine too!
  • if you would like your name and/or location displayed on your clip, just let us know and it will be added.
  • the finished video will be set to music, so please do not speak during your clip as it will be muted.

Once the clips are edited together, it should look as though we are passing a box full of postcards down a chain of Mythical Beasts all the way to Rhett! 

Lastly, go ahead and post your postcard! Remember not to send it in the box - that's just a prop for the video!

Send all postcards to:

Rhett & Link c/o Mythical
P.O. Box 6578
Burbank, CA 91510

Then send your video clip to us at:


Ethan is in the process of contacting Jen at Mythical, who will give the combined postcards to Rhett on his big day!


If you would prefer not to be in the video and just send a postcard, that's absolutely fine! And if you would prefer to send a digital postcard rather than a physical one, that's fine too! You are more than welcome to send us the postcard via the above email, and we will print it out and send it alongside our own so that it gets added to the final gift box.

Canva is a useful digital postcard site that allows you to create your own designs. It does require you sign up, but it's free. Make sure you send your completed design to the above email for our coordinating team to then pass on or print out/send if requested.  

EDIT: Just a reminder, guys, that you DO NOT need to send both a physical and digital card! The digital ones are mainly for the of those who can't send a physical one, and will be printed out and sent. Any that have been emailed to us will still be printed and posted :)


Please submit your video clip by no later than MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 5TH.

As for the postcards, obviously some will take longer to reach LA than others. We would like them to reach the Mythical team no later than OCTOBER 9TH, so please be wary of postal estimates from your location and send them asap.

And that's it! Have fun, guys!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them here or contact the coordinating team over on Twitter

Ethan, Sarah, Tilde, Sprite, Liz, Brittany, Alexandra, Pheasphant

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I mailed out thrusday. I hope he gets themmmmmm

New mythical beast here! 

Just wanted to ask and wonder if we will see/hear a response from Rhett about the video and mail, about his birthday?

Have a great mythical day


He actually responded not long ago on Twitter through his personal account! https://twitter.com/rhettmc/status/1050404912906027015

HA!  looks like you posted while I was typing a reply.

Great minds think alike.

"HIGHLY PROBABLE" is about the best answer to your question. In years past both Rhett and Link have always responded, sometimes in a private, Komm-exclusive video or blog post but usually with a broader notice during GMM or GMMore. Stay tuned over the next several episodes, because they record those a week to 10 days in advance.

K-Mod Victoria has already posted the compiled video project on the Kommunity social media, and Rhett acknowledged it with thanks.

Just as an example, here's how Rhett replied in a Komm video exclusive for BD#39:


and Link also replied to his 40th Birthday Book project back in June 2018 with a video response posted up on R&L Twitter. Or you can view it via the Kommunity Facebook shared post.




HERE is the completed Rhett's 41st Birthday video project. 

CONGRATS! and a heap big thank you goes out to Mega-MB Sarah (Ratnix) and all of her coordinating team who put this together!

Participants in the video project (does not include all those MBs who mailed in cards directly):

Ok noooowwww what about their 35 year friendship project. I want to do something LOL

Rhett showing off his birthday postcards. :) https://twitter.com/rhettandlink/status/1052683180887564288



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