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Hello, Mythical Beasts! Rhett's birthday is quickly approaching (October 11), so we need to get a birthday project kick-started for him pretty quickly. If a physical gift like a printed book is involved again, we need to account for printing & shipping time, which will reduce the amount of time we have to actually work on and compile the project.

We need 2 things right now:

1) We need to agree on a project idea. Many of the past projects have generally involved printing and shipping a physical book full of letters and artwork, but we have had a few different projects and it would probably be nice to switch things up a little. We also did really huge, ambitious projects for Rhett's and Link's 40th birthdays, but I suggest we scale it back to pre-40 project sizes again so we don't burn out our volunteers. Which brings me to the next point... 

2) We need a volunteer to lead this project. Our birthday projects are only possible when one person, or a small team of volunteers if needed, steps up to organize submissions, keep everything on track, and have it ready by the deadline. Please consider stepping up or offering to help out in some way!

Leave your project suggestions below so we can keep track of everything and come to a consensus on what to do. Since September has already started, I think the project itself will need to launch by next week at the very latest. That gives us only a week to decide on an idea and get started.

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I’m definitely happy to help organize

Thank you, Ethan!

To everyone else -- if you can lend a hand and work together as a team, please let us and Ethan (CrazyQuantum) know. Another MB has already spoken up on Twitter, but it's always good to have backup!

I think a birthday video compilation can be a nice thing.

Tho I don't think I can help organize things, but I'll make sure to make a submission to whatever we'll do for Rhett!

I am happy to help, whenever help is needed! I have already planned a birthday drawing for Rhett! I think it might be cool to make a book of fanart for Rhett, and maybe a little letter that goes with it, explaining why we love Rhett, and how he has impacted us. Lol I have a lot of ideas, but I just don't know if they are good enough! Like I said, I am very willing to participate or help whenever its needed! 
Here are some ideas I have: 
-101 Reasons Why We Love Rhett
-a small (or decent) sized book of fanart from mythical beasts

-a compilation of funny Rhett moments

I’m organizing some folks on Twitter. Do you have a Twitter account you use?

Yes. its @_abbys_art


The link above is an idea for a gift. I remember them talking about it on the show once.

I think a birthday video sounds like a great idea. Although I'm bad at helping organizing things, I have no problem submitting something to help (:

What if we sent him postcards from where we are. It could be cool for him to see postcards from around the world? Obviously people would write their birthday wishes

This is a cute idea!

that sounds really cool!

This is a really cute idea! It could be a good way to show Rhett that he’s loved all over the world :)


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