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Since it was suggested in the official R&L forum, and I don't think anyone has started this discussion yet: "If you can choose, which one do you love more? Go ahead, gush. They'll love it."

Which one do you relate to better? Which one would you be BFF with? We know it's almost impossible to choose either Rhett or Link, but tell us what you like about each individual.

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they are both awesome, butttttttt...

Rhett can play the guitar 10 points
Link can grow mustaches on demand 20 points
Rhett has a beard like my brother in law 15 points
Link sometimes has handlebars 15 points
Rhett can sing 20 points
Link can sing 20 points
Rhett can be very serious 10 points
Link has funny facial expressions 15 points
Rhett trys to be serious, but always lets link break him down 10 points
Link is always funny and often confused 20 points
Rhett answered a question of mine 15 points
Link has a variety of voices 10 points

Sorry Rhett, Link beats you by 20 points.
ps. I just have to point out that Link has a really cool personality, as I see often now, like "I sleep on the sectional. Rhett sleeps on the floor." and on his profile "The brains of Rhett and Link" and always saying something completely random when Rhett is being serious. All that just makes me relate to him more.
BUT I have NOTHING against Rhett, he is awesome too!
both if that could be a choice because rhett is funny and has cool hair and link is funny and when he has a mustache it's a cool mustache so both
While I of course love them both (they both have moments of making me laugh myself senseless), I'd have to say that Link is my "favorite", because, like a lot of others have said, I love dark hair and glasses... as well as blue eyes and colorful, funny shirts and silliness. I feel like he and I would get along the best. He's just endeared himself to me.

And I wouldn't need to climb a ladder to talk to him face to face. ;)

But BOTH fellas seem so, so nice and smart and funny. Both should be friends with me!
Linkkk....... He's hot :D <3 :)

I love how Link just says random things when Rhett is trying to be serious. Link has beautiful eyes. He has such a boyish face, even with the stubble.

I love when Rhett tries to be serious and starts laughing. He seems like the one who thinks up fun stuff to do. His hair obsession is hilarious. I thought he looked very handsome with the messy, wet hair in the paddle board video.

The friendship between the 2 of them is amazing. You can tell that they love each other. 

I love them both but, if forced to choose a favorite, it would be Link. His personality reminds me of my son. Someone actually commented that the way Rhett and Link interact reminded them of my son and me. 

Like I said, I love them both. They are a couple of cuties. Very talented and entertaining.

Can I just smush them into one person so that I don't have to choose?

I like how goofy Link is, it's adorable.

But have you seen how Rhett eats? I don't think he even swallows. It's awesome.

Also has anyone noticed how pointy their elbows are? Just a thought lol.


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