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*Another update* It's happened again ugh http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4klpww

*UPDATE* This issue has been resolved and the movie's been taken down from Vimeo!

So today (and yesterday) I was doing a bit of *boopity boop boop* research on the Looking for Ms Locklear movie when I happened to come across a FREE DIGITAL VERSION of the movie on Vimeo.

I'm appalled at this. I myself haven't seen the movie but I'm not going to watch it this way - R&L put so much time and effort into this film and it would not be fair if any of us were to not rightfully pay for their contributions. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to watch this movie without paying for it.

I really think Rhett & Link should know about this as it's their movie and I highly doubt that they'd want to let people go off dilly-dallying and watch their movie for free. It's unfair and sad that almost 2000 people haven't done the right thing. I acknowledge that some people can't pay for the movie and are desperate but this shouldn't be how you watch this movie (or any other movie, for that matter).

Hopefully Rhett & Link see this


P.S. For goodness sake, DO NOT WATCH the link I've put in here, even if you've already paid for and watched the film. It's just here to show where the film is being shown and not for anyone to watch

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Ive been wondering for a long time whether to buy this or not... I need to know if its worth my money D: 

I totally agree with what you said btw so Im not going to watch it for free but Id really appreciate it if someone could tell me whether its worth my extra australian dollars to buy it or not. please and thank you XD 

wow you really did your research lol

Rented the digital version for something like £3. I didn't know what to expect but it was a really heartwarming documentary, and you learn a lot about Rhett and Link and the area they grew up in. So I'd say it's worth it. 

Looks like it was taken down and good catch!!

The movie seriously isn't that expensive and its insulting when people do this because its like saying to the guys "yeah we want to watch your stuff but you aren't worthy enough for me to pay for it."


I agree! These guys are still building their business and I love what they do so I'm willing to pay for it! I haven't seen the documentary yet but I planned on renting it off Amazon one of these days. 

This is resolved, and the discussion will now be closed.

We're back here again /:( http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4klpww

This problem will probably keep on coming back ugh

Thanks for the heads-up, Grace. Mythical Entertainment has been notified.


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