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Ello! My friend and I are going to sing a Rhett and Link song for our school talent show next spring, but we can't decide what song we should do.  Out of the one's listed below, comment with the one you think we should sing.  This poll will run till September 30th.  And the video will be up in April, but we'll post updates, and practice videos for you to watch in the mean time.  I can play Harmonica and Recorder, but she can't play guitar, but we'll make do.  Here are the videos:


Photoshop Your Memories



Middle School Girlfriend (we'll tell the story behind it)
Facebook Song

Perfect Bathroom Trip

The Internet Overdose Song

Fear of Frogs


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Facebook Song!! All the way.
hmmm, though choice. I'd say either facebook song or cornhole.
Photoshop your memories
Facebook song. Haha :)
Cornhole!! :D
facebook song may go well with the people as it is a big thing these days, or maybe the internet overdose song. although i like the fear of frogs song, i have done a video with me singing along with rhett and link in the background as kinda a music video featuring me, but i think one of the two i mentioned first would be the best choice.
facebook sing :)
OMG!! the Perfect bathroom trip!!!!!!!!
I vote cornhole if your audience would know what it is :)

Hi! I'd go for Perfect Bathroom Trip... depending on the condition of restrooms at your school! xD

But any R&L song you choose would be fun guarranteed! =)

gotta vote facebook song!


tough choices... are you guys good at Hamrmonies?


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