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Weeks ago, I kept noticing comments on the guys' FB posts from Michael King about a boy named Xander fighting cancer. Post after post, you could sense the urgency, even borderline anger welling up towards the guys for not responding because Xander really wanted to meet them. I started a little chat with Michael to gather information and to direct him to the proper places to get their attention...emails, twitter, tagging the "right" people to get noticed and to work with Make A Wish. I knew Rhett and Link had worked with MAW before. I took to twitter myself and blew it up, after first gathering more information from Michael about a prognosis and timing. Since the young man is from North Carolina, I thought it would be plausible that they'd swing through around the holidays when possibly visiting their families. Michael kept up the work to make contact and I am sure you have seen that they were able to set up a SKYPE session with the guys yesterday! I am overjoyed for Xander. You can tell that he and his friend Jackson (and mom and dad too) are huge fans from the clip. This has made me appreciate these two men even more when I didn't think my appreciation meter for them to rise any higher. That's the definition of being your mythical best and it shows what we all really stand for. Making time to help people, make them happy and lift each other up. A true Kommunity of the best YouTube fans of the best Youtubers!

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That's so wonderful how you helped them out, Jaymie! I watched the snippet Xander and his family posted on FB, and you could see them get so excited when Rhett and Link came up on the screen. :)

A selfie with Rhett and Link. They are the YouTube stars of Good Mythical Morning and grew up not far from where we live.

Rhett and Link
We had an amazing video chat with an amazing guy! ‪#‎BeatCancer‬
Rhett and Link's photo.
Info about Xander and his battle against Ewing's Sarcoma.
I didn't do any of the heavy lifting, only enough to guide Michael to the other resources available in contacting them. In many of those posts, things like this go unnoticed and I have to admit, I scrolled over them a couple times until I started noticing .....to put it nicely.....their expressed feelings of going unnoticed. That's when I started the dialogue. And I reassured him that the guys weren't ignoring him, and to not give up for Xander. Of course, Micheal is overwhelmed today with an outburst of social media attention, replying to comments an thanking people. But, I'm waiting to hear back from him on what it was that finally got the ball rolling. I'll keep you posted as soon as I know.
An update on little Xander : He started a new chemo treatment last week and seems to be responding well. He has not been as ill from it as he had been from others. He has a hospice nurse that visits biweekly to manage his pain and make sure he is doing well. He is on a good amount of steroids and as some know, that makes you hungry all the time. So keeping his appetite satisfied is quite a chore and he is developing cute chubby cheeks as a result. Overall, so far so good with the new chemo.
Update:Over the weekend Xander did develop a fever of 103 and a viral infection. He was air lifted to a children's hospital and his fever is under control. He's just fighting the virus.

I received some sad news this morning about little Xander. He passed away this morning, peacefully, with his family surrounding him. The family requests continued prayers as they process this. Thanks everyone for any prayers or good vibes that you have already sent. It was mentioned in a message to notify Rhett and Link of this, as I don't know if they follow his page. I don't know how I would go about delivering the news as I cannot direct message them. Any ideas?

My prayers are already in place for the family. Thank you for the update.

This is very sad news. I'll be keeping the family in my thoughts.

*Edit - Just saw Rhett's reply.

Thanks for letting us know. I saw your tweet and figured I could find out here what was going on.

Thank you for taking the time to brighten his day.

Too Many Young Lives Are lost To Such A Horrible Thing Such As Cancer, Thank You Rhett For Doing Such A Wonderful Thing To Make A Dream Come True, his Family is in my thoughts And Prayers, Rip Xander, Lets All Join Together To Fight Cancer! and make the world better


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