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I know all of you out there have wierd food combinations, and I want to try them! (as well everyone else should at least give them a try.) Hey, it might sound gross and revoluting...but it might actually be pritty good.  So I'm going to list all my wierd (or what i think is weird) combinations, and you should do the same.(yes, i love BBQ Sauce...get over it)

Creamy Peanut Butter and Colby Jack Cheese

Peanut butter cookies and BBQ Sauce

Gramcrakers and BBQ Sauce

Gramcrakers and Ketchup

Celery and BBQ Sauce

Chocolate Donuts and BBQ Sauce

Pizza and Ketchup

Any (well, almost any) kind of Cookie and Ketchup

Mayonaize and Pickles

Pickles and BBQ Sauce

Ice Cream and French Fries (or chips if your from the UK)



So tell me, what are YOUR Random Food Combinations?


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I sometimes smash up Weetabix and suck it up with a straw...

Pickles and Icecream, has never tried it but wants to!
My mom eats grilled cheese sandwiches with chocolate chips in them. Yuck xP
Anna that actually sounds pritty tasty...the Grilled cheese with chocolate chips :3 might have to try that next time

Dill pickle and peanut butter sandwhiches


Biscuits and gravy - I know that part's normal but I add ketchup and mustard to the gravy


French fries dipped into a chocolate shake or frosty


Chocolate covered bacon

I do not think cheese and chocolate chips are the way to go my friend xP But what ever you think :P 

Jaci Lamont (TheBananaThatMoos) said:
Anna that actually sounds pritty tasty...the Grilled cheese with chocolate chips :3 might have to try that next time

gramcrackers and pink colored juice

french fries and strawberry shake

seaweed and maifun (not a normal combo)

oh yeah cheetos and chocolate too

Fresh (not canned) sliced pineapple drizzled with lemon juice and a healthy dose of cayenne pepper . . . just think about it . . . sweet, sour & spicy hot all in one bite . . . YUM!

Hmm... I can't think of any for myself. Not too odd considering that I don't do much combining. I even dissect my sandwiches and pizza and eat the pieces individually...

i don't know if i translated it correctly but anyway.... red cabbage with applesauce with cheesesauce  and potatoes :D it tastes good :D but i think i am the only one that eats that thing :D
Cream of brocoli soup with hotsauce is so good!


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