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     I have watch most, but not all, of Rhettandlink's, and Rhettandlink2's Videos on You Tube, and most of them have been completely clean, nothing bad, and the few that did have iffy stuff, were not all the bad, only minor things. But the videos they have been in are different. In the Epic Rap Battle "Wright Brothers Vs. the Mario Brothers" Luigi got censored; and "Sorry for Party Rocking" was full of racy stuff! While neither Rhett not Link said, or did anything bad in either video, the people around them did. Knowing that they both agreed to be in those videos, lowered my opinion of both Rhett, and Link. I still like them, but not as much as I did.

     What is your opinion of this? Do you have similar feelings? Or do you think I am just being a 'Hater'?

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It's difficult to make a living in entertainment. It's impressive and admirable that they're gotten this far while still adhering to their morals. But a big aspect of the entertainment business is collaboration, and it's going to be nearly impossible to find other people who are as morally conscious with their content as Rhett and Link are. I think that by being in those videos and NOT stooping to that level, they're solidifying their moral stance even further. To put it in simpler terms, can you define a person's character just by whom their friends are? You might enjoy and associate with certain people who have differing standards than you, but that doesn't mean your own standards are sullied as long as you keep them up.

I think their being in those videos is fine, since they're staying clean. It's good exposure, and it's the business they're in; as long as they don't have a problem with it and are upholding their moral mindset, then I don't have a problem with it.

True, they have done a great job so far, and one can never fully judge someone by who their friends are, but if they surround themselves with people with questionable morals, it does reveal something about them, thankfully, I don't think they have. I tolerated the Epic Rap Battle for some of the reasons you mentioned, but the "Sorry for Party Rocking" took it to a whole different level, and they didn't even have a big part in it. If they had had a larger part, and still didn't do anything racy in it, it may have been easier for me to let it slide.

I agree.  Its cool that they got to  be in that stuff, but the fact that they agreed to be in those videos with that mess going on just lowered my level of respect for them.  I know they need to get their faces out there, but now they're putting them out there in a way that shows that they will do all the cussing and stuff. (and XD I thought when i saw this that you were calling them rasist)

I wondered how people would react to this. I also wondered how many times the two of them looked at each other and without even saying anything  just made subtle "holy cow!" faces. I'm sure it was nuts during the shoot. But I will share my thought through a story. (grab a blanket and a warm beverage! ;) )

My dad raced stock cars my whole life, a total of 30 years of racing. Many clubs raced on saturday but there were also many years (depending on where we lived at the time) where race day was Sunday. We attended church every Sunday most of the year. But race day took a lot of prep so Dad would always miss church that day. The rest of the family sometimes did, and sometimes went to the track after church. My Grandparents (all four of them) were NOT ok with this arrangement. Also, one of the churches we attended even banned my dad from doing communion due to his "evil" ways.

So nearly 20 years into his racing career, my mom's parents decided to come to a race. (We were a little worried that they would think we were all evil and make a big "un-spiritual- moral decay etc" deal about it.) Instead they were very supportive and said how wonderful it was that our family was doing something together, we as kids always brought friends. We even helped in the pits when we got older. The grandparents commented on how, yes, it's good to be in church but what a wonderful mission field we were in each week. We discovered that my parents were the ONLY couple who were still married to their original partner and we were the ONLY family that all the kids came from the same two parents. I didn't realize it at the time but many families looked up to us and I found out later how many times my mom ended up talking with other ladies, praying with them and helping them out in anyway she could. So, long story...summarized: We weren't in a morally safe place (lots of drinking, TONNES of swearing, some drugs...) but we were shining our light in those places anyway.

So, I think Rhett and Link being involved in other stuff is kind of like that. They can still be honourable people even while in a place that isn't so much so. I watched some of the other Rap Battles of History and they DON'T bleep out the swearing in those. Which means that it was likely at R&L's request that they did in this one. There they are being a positive example right away. I'm sure that 'Party Rockin' shoot was just crazy. But I think it's cool that in the midst of all 'that', here were two guys, married men who were having fun and being a part of the party but still being men of integrity.

I'm very proud of them. Thanks guys!!

So far, I've seen quite a large amount of Rhett&Link's videos and I think they are two pretty cool guys. Sure, they were in those two videos, but you can't judge someone for the crowds they're in. I know we all judge people, but try to open your eyes a little more. There is more to a picture than it's surroundings. In my opinion, by them being in those videos shows others that you can do good things. For like an example, in the epic rap battle. They were able to rap without having to be throwing in a single curse word in the entire song and still be cool. Now adays, i hear curse words in almost every rap song.

I think you're taking this a little bit too serious. The fact that they're in Sorry For Party Rockin or Epic Rap Battle has nothing to do with their morals? That's just having fun and being versatile. If they cursed and all then sure, that'd make all of us like them less. But they didn't do any of that. They were just trying to have FUN! Aren't we glad that Rhett and Link are getting soooo  much promotion from ERB and SFPR? I'm just happy that more people are becoming their fans now because of those guest roles.

Plus it's not like they were in the middle of something horrible. There is cussing in ERB, yes, but the cussing was bleeped out (well at least in the one they were in). And there was no adult content in ERB. It was just about entertaining people. As in SFPR, the scene they were in was the dancing scene. They weren't holding drinks, they weren't wearing shorts and wiggling or anything, they were just there to make the video AWESOME. The Dope Zebra was their idea. They deserve to get some sort of credit. Plus this video is actually the cleanest one out of all LMFAO's videos. And we're talking like they're "surrounded by bad people". How do we know those people in the video are bad people? Because they cuss and all? We all have friends who cuss, even a little bit. Are they bad people? Being in that video doesn't make R&L, or the dancers, or the singers bad. Quest Crew is my favorite dance crew ever and they choreograph the whole video. I think that's great.

Just my opinion. I don't think you're a hater BTW. You must be a fan to feel upset about this. And I understand. Just don't take it that seriously.

i totally disagree! Haven't you ever gotten in trouble for something someone else did? It's really frustrating! I believe it completely unfair that you think you have the right to say they are lesser people because of what OTHER people have done.  Those were not their videoes to direct and control. They really were only being respectful; they knew that OBVIOUSLY the writers of the script wouldn't enjoy it if R&L changed the video that did not even belong to Rhett OR Link. They were just giving the writers the artistic freedom and credit that they deserved! Besides, it is evident that in the rap battle, they DID do what they could to keep it both clean and legit. Do you really think they would've censored that word unless R&L had something to do with it? From what I've seen, there has never been a censored word (although many cuss words) in the ERBH series. Lastly, the writers know people tend to find things more interesting and entertaining when it's got some dirt. Many people deemed "better" than R&L have way more dirt, so do you really want to judge them that way? Rhett and Link FOREVER!<3

I can't remember getting in trouble for something I didn't do, but I might have and I just forgot about it. I know that they didn't have much, if any say in the videos, and I was okay with the ERBoH, but they could have turned down the offer to be in SFPR. And I rarely, if ever, find anything more interesting, or entertaining  if is has dirt.

It took me a while to see the Sorry For Party Rocking music video because I'm just not that into pop culture. I saw some people on the komm mention it and decided to check it out. I admit I had mixed feelings about it at first, but even though it was not as clean as I prefer, the overwhelming thought in my head was how excited and proud I was of them to be collaborating with such a big-name group.

I'm always thrilled to see them get recognition and the fact that the whole video was essentially centered around Dope Zebra, a video CREATED by R&L, made it that much more enjoyable to watch. Sure it had junk in it-- Its LMFAO of course it would, and I don't want to "justify their behavior", but I honestly see it more as an opportunity for them to shine, both as stars in the entertainment business and as the Light of Christ whom they profess to follow.

I think the fact that so many of us find them 'out of place' in both the videos you mentioned is a testament of their outstanding character rather than a sign of decreasing moral standard.

Having a similar mindset as them religiously and morally has always been a huge factor in my interest in their videos. We even watch them in Chapel and Bible class at my school. I know I can watch any of the videos on their channel without concern of "immoral" behavior/actions. So I totally know where you are coming from.

..But everyone is human, and the crowds they are in don't necessarily have the same standards of good and bad as many of us do. That doesn't make it wrong for Rhett and Link to be around them. As long as they aren't compromising their beliefs -"selling out" as many people call it- I'm fully supportive. And even if they did "sell-out" I'd honestly probably continue watching, mostly because I have confidence in them to do what they think is best and right in accordance with their beliefs. They have to make a living somehow and the entertainment business is how they have chosen to do so. With that comes possible "complications" and "compromises". But how is their appearance in that video any different than an office party that serves alcohol or any other "questionable" work related activities that many good men and women attend?

Rather then criticize, perhaps we (those of us who have like-minded religious beliefs) should pray that God will give them plenty of opportunities to witness to the 'lost' and that He might give them the courage and strength to be lights for Him where He has placed them.

I imagine the entertainment business can get crazy and maybe even scary. So I can't imagine Rhett and Link would object to us asking our God to help them out in their service of Him... in fact I'd bet they'd appreciate it.

That's just my thoughts..


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