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Let's see who can come up with the most obscure R&L FACT

We might just all learn something that will make us each more mythical!


The Rules are very simple > > >

Stump your fellow MB's with a trivia question or just post a bit of information that nobody else knows.


Must be something that can be backed up with evidence (by a reputable, easily accesible online source) and not just some wild hair tale about something you heard somebody's cousin told a friend of your sister-in-law.

 That's about it. Have fun!

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maybe if someone finds this later we can give them credit, I spend a day trying to find the clip it was from even though i watched it like last week and I can't seem to find it (it's either at the beginning of season 1 or two, I'm not sure) 

I have a different trivia. Rhett's father is a professor. Name where he teaches. I actually know exactly where this is so I have the answer for sure this time.

law professor at the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University


yep! It's also found in the video GMM secret PuzzleKast video here on the Kommunity. But you got it right!


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