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This is an attempt at a table of all of the expletives that Rhett & Link have said. I just felt like doing this as I was bored. BYMB!

Sorry if I've stuffed something up like a link or my counting but I'm gonna keep links that people think is swearing (so if you disagree, odds are I probs won't get rid of it)

Some words like "hell" are not going to be included (but they've been said). I don't really count 'piss' as a swear but a lot of people do so




A*s and variations

GMMoreEar BiscuitGMMoreIf I Were You PodcastVidConTwitterGMMGMMFuse Lie Detector TestThrillist, 2 GMM, Medium, GMMore2 GMM, Ear Biscuit 28:00Game Grumps, GMM (I know he was talking about a donkey but hush)GMM, 3 WIREDEar Biscuit (27:17), Ear Biscuits (1:11:09), 2 GMM, Twitter, Ear Biscuits (around 11:40), GMMore, Ear Biscuits (53:07), GMMore

GMM2 Ear BiscuitGMM, (Another) 2 Ear BiscuitMatthew SantoroGMMEar Biscuit,(48:22)GMMEar Biscuits (59:55), , Game Grumps, Hot Ones,LTAT (GMM BTS), WIRED, WIRED5 Ear Biscuits (around 23 minutes in), Ear Biscuits (17:05), Ear Biscuits (5:45), Ear Biscuits (1:21:14), 2 GMMore, Ear Biscuits (51:59), Always Open Podcast


Main ChannelSmoshGMM, 4 social media video, 2 GMM

GMM, Facebook, LTAT (another uncomfirmed)


Not Too Deep, Instagram, GMM, 2 Ear Biscuits (1:09:08), GMM

Ear Biscuit   Ear Biscuit (1:05:31), GMMore, 2 Ear Biscuits (58:57)


VidConGMMoreGMMoreGMM (in Italian & bleeped but still)2 Ear Biscuit (at 24:47 & 25:41), 2 GMM, Ear Biscuit (around 1:30:25), Hot Ones6 GMM (while wearing the dentist mouth thing but still), WIRED, 3 GMM, GMMore (I think), 6 Ear Biscuits (3:14 - 4:30 and 9:46 and 25:53), LTAT

VineGMM, GMM, GMMEar Biscuits (at 31:40) Hot Ones, WIRED, GMM, Ear Biscuits (26:40), LTAT, (another uncomfirmed)


YouTubeBTSJimmy FallonGMMGMMore,WiredGMM Jacksfilms, 2 GMM4 Never Not FunnyJimmy Fallon,, I've given up on including every time they've spoken about when they first met ehh






2 GMM3 Ear Biscuit Ear BiscuitGMMEar Biscuit2 Ear Biscuit (at around 24:38 & 33:22)2 Ear Biscuit (5:45 & 6:52) GMM Ear Biscuit (46:40), 4 GMMore, GMMore


 3 GMMERB, GMMoreGMMoreFuse Lie Detector Test ?, Ear Biscuits, GMM, GMMore given up

 2 GMMore


Total per Individual

GMM  GMMore, 5 GMM



68 (71 if unconfirmed true/forgotten are found)


180 (183 if unconfirmed are true/forgotten are found)

Here's one that almost came to be (Link almost said "sh*t" (yet again))

And here's a video where Link says "whore"

Question - what do you think Rhett says here? & here

And what does Link say here?

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To me, it looks like Rhett said "damn" in the last link you have on the list. ("Confronting Jerks", which has a great GMMore, btw!) It's funny that they said what the words were on Fallon! 

Also, the video for the "Not Too Deep" link is no longer available. I just watched that whole GMMore of them playing MASH and I still didn't hear it. ? 

Compare their swearing frequency to PewDiePie... XD

Haha...this is so funny!  Nice catalog :)

Thanks :)


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