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This is an attempt at a table of all of the expletives that Rhett & Link have said. I just felt like doing this as I was bored. BYMB!

Sorry if I've stuffed something up like a link or my counting but I'm gonna keep links that people think is swearing (so if you disagree, odds are I probs won't get rid of it)

Some words like "hell" are not going to be included (but they've been said). I don't really count 'piss' as a swear but a lot of people do so




A*s and variations

GMMoreEar BiscuitGMMoreIf I Were You PodcastVidConTwitterGMMGMMFuse Lie Detector TestThrillist, 2 GMM, Medium, GMMore2 GMM, Ear Biscuit 28:00Game Grumps, GMM (I know he was talking about a donkey but hush)GMM, 3 WIREDEar Biscuit (27:17), Ear Biscuits (1:11:09), 2 GMM, Twitter, Ear Biscuits (around 11:40), GMMore, Ear Biscuits (53:07), GMMore

GMM2 Ear BiscuitGMM, (Another) 2 Ear BiscuitMatthew SantoroGMMEar Biscuit,(48:22)GMMEar Biscuits (59:55), , Game Grumps, Hot Ones,LTAT (GMM BTS), WIRED, WIRED5 Ear Biscuits (around 23 minutes in), Ear Biscuits (17:05), Ear Biscuits (5:45), Ear Biscuits (1:21:14), 2 GMMore, Ear Biscuits (51:59), Always Open Podcast


Main ChannelSmoshGMM, 4 social media video, 2 GMM

GMM, Facebook, LTAT (another uncomfirmed)


Not Too Deep, Instagram, GMM, 2 Ear Biscuits (1:09:08), GMM

Ear Biscuit   Ear Biscuit (1:05:31), GMMore, 2 Ear Biscuits (58:57)


VidConGMMoreGMMoreGMM (in Italian & bleeped but still)2 Ear Biscuit (at 24:47 & 25:41), 2 GMM, Ear Biscuit (around 1:30:25), Hot Ones6 GMM (while wearing the dentist mouth thing but still), WIRED, 3 GMM, GMMore (I think), 6 Ear Biscuits (3:14 - 4:30 and 9:46 and 25:53), LTAT

VineGMM, GMM, GMMEar Biscuits (at 31:40) Hot Ones, WIRED, GMM, Ear Biscuits (26:40), LTAT, (another uncomfirmed)


YouTubeBTSJimmy FallonGMMGMMore,WiredGMM Jacksfilms, 2 GMM4 Never Not FunnyJimmy Fallon,, I've given up on including every time they've spoken about when they first met ehh






2 GMM3 Ear Biscuit Ear BiscuitGMMEar Biscuit2 Ear Biscuit (at around 24:38 & 33:22)2 Ear Biscuit (5:45 & 6:52) GMM Ear Biscuit (46:40), 4 GMMore, GMMore


 3 GMMERB, GMMoreGMMoreFuse Lie Detector Test ?, Ear Biscuits, GMM, GMMore given up

 2 GMMore


Total per Individual

GMM  GMMore, 5 GMM



68 (71 if unconfirmed true/forgotten are found)


180 (183 if unconfirmed are true/forgotten are found)

Here's one that almost came to be (Link almost said "sh*t" (yet again))

And here's a video where Link says "whore"

Question - what do you think Rhett says here? & here

And what does Link say here?

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where did you get these numbers from?

do you have any links maybe?

I've got a few more links to go

wow when i commented the links weren't there. your awesome

as opposed to PewDiePie which is virtually every other second of every video ever

he was somewhat good in his GMM episode

also the vine is silent 

Did you press the volume button?

found it.....oops. sorry I've actually never gone on vine

i sound like my grandmother

Nice work guys

Surprised by that. I would have sworn (heh) Rhett would have the higher count. Remember Link didn't even let his kids say butt?


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