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Hi Rhett and Link and Jason!
Thank you for bringing GMM to us every weekday and congrats on a great season! Usually we get To hear your personal favorite on the Best Ever episodes, so I wondered if y'all had a favorite moment from season one.

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Ooh, I'd like to know the answer to this question too!

I just saw this. So please forgive my late response.

I would have to say the 100th episode. We were never going to do that many. So when we reached that point, the episode took on a specialness. It was exciting and fun to film that episode.

Plus I got to spin the wheel!

Thanks for answering, Jason! I almost forgot about this post.
Great choice! The 100th episode was awesome. I'm glad you guys made it to 100. :)

I thought your favorite moment was going to be the last episode of season one, since it meant you didn't have to edit them for a whole month, haha. Maybe you don't mind though, as long as Rhett doesn't give you too many Vikis to edit in.

Spinning the wheel would definitely be a treat! Thanks for answering.  Now encourage R&L to do so! :P

Yes, please!


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