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Question about 9/4/19 when Rhett and Link have been friends for 35 years. What should we do for them?

I brought this up with another mythical beast but didn't really talk about it much. Next year Rhett and Link will be BFFs for 35 years next year! I know because I was born in....blah blah 84 LOL. Who is planing something? What should we do? I want to make something for them....and we got a whole year so it has to be great! 

Who is in?



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Oh, interesting! I hadn't thought of that as an occasion to mark, but I like the idea. I mean, it would pretty much have to be friendship-themed, right? :) The first thing I thought of was people sharing their stories of how they met their own best friends, and (if applicable) how they met new friends because of R&L's world of mythicality. Maybe another broader idea is sharing stories of how R&L's friendship has affected our lives in whatever way, big or small. Those are just what popped into my head right off the bat.

We been talking about it on tumblr if you want to pop in there! but thats good idea too! So much to think of!

It is in the note!:)


What if we did a poster the Best running jokes and gags on it
(Ex. Rhett's Julio franco cards, the sprite Link always finds in his bath, etc)
I have brainstormed a few ideas but tell me if you have any more thoughts on what I could include.

Rhett & Link running jokes
- Queen sweep
- I'm the greatest
- Sprite in the tub
- Link's hair
- Link's glasses left for two months
- Boiled for safety
- Rhett's height
- Julio Franco cards
- Tokyo
- Daddy garlic fingers
- As you can see ...... We can't
- Hitting chase with a dart
- Catton candy Randy
- Damnyell and Richard
- That was my nickname in highschool
- Put that on a t-shirt
- Wake up and smell the ________
- Rhett being friends with queen Bey and rere
- For science; to tell the people if "it will"
- Rhett hates cats
- Link is a picky eater
- "You know what day it is"
- Spin the wheel of mythicality
- "Let's talk about that"
- Link's gagging
- Rhett dressing as a girl
- Rhett's love for beans
- Jen and link feud
- Rhett's sweetish fish

although it's been a while . . .  PUT THAT ON A T-SHIRT!


I kind of think a custom coloring book would be an interesting thing to do for this occasion. 


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