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Quest about clearly canadian and Rhett and Link live stream toast

Hello everyone ^-^ I just made a ordered some clearly canadian using the link in the video and was wondering how does the  live stream toast work, do you get a link / more info on how it work when the clearly canadian comes out / or are you meant to get an email saying your invited to the event.

I'm just wondering just to make sure if I'm in the live event or something went wrong and used the wrong link to get into the event.

  Thank you for reading this post and have a great day.

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They'll be sending out an email some time later. I'm guessing it won't be until 25000 cases are sold, so they can be sure it will go into production. Don't worry, though; I'm sure you're all set to get the invitation when it comes out.

Now that the 25,000 case pre-sale goal has been "officially" reached and Clearly Canadian will be put into production, please add any thoughts you have on this topic at the following thread:


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