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As cool as it was to get those puppets, I'd rather not see them again (at least in action). Once is enough.

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YOU ARE CLEARLY INSANE!  that's the only possible explanation for your lack of common sense and love as relates to the epicly mythical puppet dou known as . . .

I don't think insanity is the only explanation.   I love the puppets but differing opinions are welcome -- mythical, even.  So are alternate spellings.  I just noticed this says Time Ranger-ers.  

It has always been the Time Rangerers if you listen closely Rhett says Rangerers but it sounds like rangers.

I never HATED them; I just didn't necessarily want them to be in the weekly rotation. But... They're growing on me.

they're not bad, but I;m not really super into them either :P But I guess they're having fun with them! XD And they are really cool puppets... ;)

agreed...i think that they just need some exciting suggestions of places to visit :) i see it more as a good time filler on mail days! and a great way to show their appreciation of the hard work that went into making the puppets...

You're crazy!  The puppets are awesome!!!

The puppets are awesome! There's a fan club for crying out loud

I'd say they should continue Time Rangerers! I think it is hilarious along with everything else they do! :D

I beg to  differ.  Puppets can be mythical.  Check out H.R. Puff 'n Stuff or Pigs in Space.  I think time travel via Gazebo is epic. :-)

Put puppets on Rhettandlink3

That is a very good idea!


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