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Is anyone else having problems with the rhettandlink website? Not the Ning interface, but rather their original website? I've gone back to rhettandlink.com several times recently to re-watch videos, etc, and the page just doesn't load correctly anymore. The top of the page where it shows "video-music-films" etc. does not load, but the lower part of the page loads, starting with the Fayetteville Feed. If I scroll down and click on a link, such as "news and announcements" then it snaps out of it and displays "video-music-films" etc.

I don't mind the inconvenience as long as I can navigate around it, however, I just tried pulling up "internetpeanutbutter.com" and got the same result. I'd hate to see new people checking out R&L for the first time and getting turned off by the site not working.

It could be just my computer, but wanted to pass it along just in case.

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I have been getting the same thing so it must be something with the site.
You're right, IE doesn't work but Firefox does. But I don't like Firefox (it doesn't work with some other applications I have).
i use Safari and the pages that both firefox and IE gave me don't happen anymore so it might be a more convenient browser for you
yep!! top's all white :(
Hmm thats strange. I always have a problem trying to listen to songs on the music page...i'm guessing that's just my horrible computer though, right?
only if your not using IE. IE cant play the music for some odd reason the coding doenst work but it will work fine for safari and Firefox
that happened to me a few times last night
This tends to happen on Internet Explorer. I would recommend getting FireFox or Chrome. Internet Explorer 8 might fix it but not sure since i don't really use that browser.
Yup. Happens to me on Internet Explorer.
hey guys...yes, there are more than a few problems with the site at the moment. We are actually in the process of fixing those as quickly as we can, but it will likely be a matter of weeks and not days, unfortunately. Bare with us.
What Browser are you using Miss E? And what operating system are you using? Are you still having troubles now?

Also there are three different top headers used on the site right now.

The first is on the front page, the second is on blog pages and the third is on pages like video and Music.

Which one(s) are you having trouble with?
The browser is Internet Explorer, and the operating system is Windows XP. I just loaded up the R&L website and am still having the problem.

It is the front page that does not load properly. The top half is all white down the vertical middle, with the green/blue sidebars. No headers. When I scroll down past the white, the first thing I see is the "Deadly Football in Space" section. I scroll down further and click on the "News and Announcements" link at R&L on Brink, and it takes me to that page, where now the whole page loads correctly, with the tabs Video-Music-Films-Blog, etc and then it functions normally from there.



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