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Dear Kommunity,

(A bit of back story.)

Me and 6 other friends got together one day at a youth retreat because it was our last day there and we were bored. We sat at a picnic table and one of my friends had a volleyball with him. We set the ball in the middle of the table,  and started to push it around. Then one of my friend decided that we should hit it using only our elbows with arms crossed. And so we did. And it quickly became apparent that this was a ton of fun. We then added a way to score and started crafting rules to this unique sport. Overnight, we complete rules and guidelines and thus, Flappery was born.





Mythical beasts, I bring to you FLAPPERY, the sport of champions. The 7  founders, known as apostles, have successfully fostered this wonderful sport to life. We have held over 5 day tournaments, and one season of competitive and organized team play. 

See our website and Youtube channel for IFL season play. 



We need your help to spread this sport, please share this post and like our Facebook page! 


So grab your friends and try a match yourself!

Stay solid mythical beasts and thank you!

(Feel free to contact me if you need any help, or want more information.)

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Quite the sportsmeister you've become.  I also cast my vote for THUG of the week.

That Woodbury kid is good!


We get wallops.


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