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Hi guys, my name is Emma and i am DESPERATE to find a certain clip of Rhett and link. It makes me laugh so hard that i cry and i haven’t been able to find it in months because i can’t remember what video it’s from. I have looked through all kinds of complications and I’m still fruitless.

The only context i can remember about the video is that link is repetitively mumbling something under his breath while Rhett is trying to talk about the episode (i think). Then rhett asks link if he’s okay and link is pretending that he’s not doing anything. It is literally the funniest thing to ever exist and i need it back in my life. Pls help me

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I can think of a few notable instances of Link mocking Rhett under his breath/imitating him as he speaks, but I'm afraid the description you gave isn't ringing a bell for me.


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