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Okay all you PS users, this is where you come to share your PSN username, talk about your favorite games (mine are Black Ops 2, MW3, and the Uncharted series), and just share your excitement for all the Playstation.


If you're more of an Xbox fan, that's totally cool too. Just no hating on the PS users. Thanks...

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Okay guys! My PSN username is eagleeye2864, there might be an underscore in there, so it's possibly eagleeye_2864... Anyways, I'm on my PS3 A LOT, and I'll probably be either watching Netflix, playing MW3, or playing Uncharted. So if you have any of those games... Friend me and we can play online! Just make sure in your friend request you let me know you're from the Komm or I'll probably deny it.

My psn is sushi_cat83 my favorite games are bo2 and the last of us

I sent you a friends request like 3 days ago, you haven't answered. Or maybe I just sent it to the wrong person..?

Friend me, eagleeye2864


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