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Dear Rhett and Link and Beast
A ton of us mythical Beast was late or didn't have the funds to buy The best shoes on this planet please be your mythical best and reply with your birth name and why you need the shoes to come back .
this is the official petition so if you diss agree simply just do not reply and have a lovely day Thank You in advance .share this post on Twitter and and ask everyone to click thru to here and post they name and reason .
Again no negative comments please.
I will go first
My name is Dedra Williams
My reason for wanting the mythical shoes back is very heart breaking I had my eyes on the Pink shoes size 8 women's for two months I saved $20 for 3 months to buy them and I had the money on the month I went to purchase them Rhett And link announced they will stop selling the shoes and had the 5 year le meted editions for pre sell I literally cried and begged Tweak shoes and Rhett and link to sell me the pink shoes I got no reply. now I'm sad everytime I see these wonderful Mythical shoes on my social pages.
please bring them back and the other Mythical shoes.
I'm ready to pay for my shoes now and I will purchase 2 pair. thanks kings Rhett and Link and Tweak shoes please do this for us Mythical Best Beast . And if you can mention this on a video and share the link I would be blessed and Thankful Rhett And Link .

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i want them to come baaaaaaaaaaaack i wanted the pink shoes toooo

Hi, my name's Kim, I've been a Mythical Beast since Jan 2016. I feel left out just because I was here too late. Please make it happen again!

I'm Lucy Harrison and I Absolutely love GMM. The mythical shoe would be a drea come true to come back, and it is GENIUS! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back.

Please bring the shoes back

My name is Rebecca Holliday and I would definitely buy Mythical Shoes if they came back. I am a new MB and regret not being aware of them the first time around!

My name is Katy. Mythical shoes need to come back because when they were out, i was poor and broke and never had access to unlimited internet. now i am adult with money on my debit card to spend on mythical merch and specifically, a pair of mythical shoes!! please and thank you xx

My name is Mariah and i would buy them because they r cool

My Name Is Zack and I would Definitely Buy a Pair Of The Mythical Shoe

I fully, whole-heartedly agree with this petition. I didn't find out about Rhett & Link until my sophomore year of high school (2012-13) through their musical collaboration with Hank Green and I loved them from the start. I thought at first that the shoes were just some one-off gimmick they had done back in the day but was delighted to find that they were real, but sadly had little money and no credit/debit access, being a bit timid to ask my parents to buy me something that a couple of "Internet people" made. I was really excited about getting my own debit card once I was in college and more responsible and was promptly heartbroken when they said that they wouldn't sell them anymore. I've been looking for a pair of similar green sneakers to try & cobble my own custom set together but I've had no luck. Please, it would be amazing to be able to get my very own set of green and blue Mythical Shoes with the guitar pick and backflap and everything.


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