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Party All Night Long! an 11-hour KBE/KommChat extravaganza, watch-a-thon & sing-along event


Friday, September 28, 2012

~ 6:30 PM Pacific Time ~


  • sign into your R&L Kommunity member account
  • connect into KommChat main discussion room
  • open the full 11-hour+ video clip on YouTube

NOTE: if the 11-hour video is unavailable for playback, don't worry . . .

Jason should have those technical difficulties repaired very soon

  • BE SURE to synchronize your watches. . . all times given here are US-Pacific zone (that's Los Angeles, folks >>> convert to your time zone here)
  • the event will begin at 6:30 PM Friday night so we can crank up the chat before starting the video playback at precisely 7:24:43PM and will run in real-time until the video plays completely through
  • the sing-along portion ends at approx. 6:34AM Saturday
  • in true mythical beast fashion, feel free to join R&L following the sing-along portion of the festivities in a well deserved nap-a-thon
  • pop in / pop out / stay the full 11 hours ~ it's up to you ~ certainly some MBs somewhere in the world will be watching along throughout the event
  • dust off your mythical microphone and sing along 158 times


HERE are the lyrics just in case you need help

while singing the first 15 or 20 times through

 And here it is, kommigos. 

In all its 11 hour 9 minute and 49 seconds of musical glory:


00:03:14      Santa Monica Pier
00:39:10      Baby on the Pier
00:52:59      Driving From the Pier
01:54:26      Vicious Dogs
02:47:41      Bowling Alley
03:01:08      Playing in the Arcade
03:19:00      Doughnut Shop
03:55:06      Stopped by the Cop
04:00:29      Subway
04:21:40      Hollywood Boulevard
04:41:51      Elevator
05:09:08      Bathroom
05:32:12      Taco Truck
06:15:49      The Shaytards *
07:03:01      Sitting by the Bustop
07:15:02      Merry-Go-Round
07:27:19      Dancing at The Gas Station
08:12:44      The House Party
09:02:20      Lost on the Freeway
10:08:56      Standing on Mt. Wilson
10:21:01      Trumpet Players
11:08:57      Rhett & Link Lay Down


 * R&L edited out the journey to and from Casa de Shaytard to protect the family's privacy.



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I actually can't remember which one I tried but It was probably one of the ones you mentioned. I will have to try one of these some day.

i'm in!!!!!

I'm already over 5 hours in... idk if I'll want to watch it over again... @___@

I'm pretty far in myself! I might still pop in though. I tend to have nothing going on. 

Good for you! Stay strong! I have little self-controll. :P

i am going to steal my mom's laptop, grab provisions, my friends, and a comfy seat, and sit for 11 hours!

i watched it all!

Wow, congrats! 

I couldn't do it! I'd fall asleep a quarter through, I'm hopeless with all nighters. Even at friends movie nights Im out like a light :D but have fun.

Dang! I totally want to do this but I'm going to a lock-in at my church that night. :/ 

Daggumm!!! I would tooootally do it if I knew I didnt have to work.. :C But when I get off work I would join then?!






and, as I've noted before, somebody at The Huffington Post is a huge fan . . .


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