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well, in a chat idea, we have started war. in the botttom comment thing, post ONE comment saying either OWL CITY or NO. this is a war. who will win?
(no violence)

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Owl City,
Owl City!
Owl City.

Seriously? So cool
BananaAnna2008(Anna Pitts)Ritchu said:
I don't know what this is about but Owl City! I went to high school with Adam. :-P
Meh. Owl City/no...

I'm sampling his music. All of it sounds the same. But it all sounds cool (with the techno stuff interweaved). Not your typical angsty teeny-bopper stuff. But the lyrics are kind of meh. We'll see.
Owl City
uhm no?
Psh, Owl City!
Owl City.


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