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Does anyone have experience ordering to Canada? Were you charged extra duty, service fees, did it arrive in a timely manner, etc? Trying to figure out if I order now will I get it for xmas and will it bankrupt me?


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I don't know about Canada specifically but my order was shipped to England and it took over 2 months and I was shipping to a US military address I have also heard others say they have paid upwards of $80 to ship to outside of the US

For the DFTBA store items I believe that shipping costs are the same for US and Canada, but higher in other international locations.  Some items which were shipped recently from DFTBA to Canada arrived just a day or two behind the same item to a US buyer.  Their website suggests Dec-1 as the best "order by" date to assure delivery by Christmas day unless you are willing to pay for expedited service.


Thanks. The last time I ordered from the states (NBC.com) Fedex charged me a $20 service fee to charge me $3 in duty. Ugh and now I see they have increased the price of the hoodie by $5. I want to make my kid happy for xmas, but it looks like shipping, duty, + exchange rate is basically going to double the cost of the items I'm ordering. 

Hi, I live on the border of Canada and the US.  Many of my Canadian friends have a great deal of trouble ordering from the US.  So I let them use my address and then I drive over the border and either meet them or mail the box to them via Canada mail.  Are you close to the border? if yes, you could work out a system with a friend maybe.


For some things, the prices r the same. But usually, in the US, some stuff r cheaper...i dont think u get charged extra butit takes longer 


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