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Hello Mythical Beasts. I have found that Rhett & Link make really weird noises when filming but being the sphincter idiot that I am, I forget most. Could anyone please tell me of more noises (none that were intentional i.e. Do These Sounds Make You Angry and Taking a Sound Bath (cat and other animal ones are fine))? BYMB!

Honorable mentions because I don't want to break my own rules

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My favourite thing that has ever come from one of their mouths:

"You did it!"


I forgot about this one! its so adorable how Link says that

Thank you guys!

I hope you like these.  Do you want me to find more for you?

Yes please! I don't have a lot of time on my hands right now so that would be great!

me neither but its better than doing home work or projects lol

Gulp-ish sound link makes while eating his final egg?: https://youtu.be/Rg1WZ5ufd_g?t=13m37s

Thank you!

are we limited to Rhett and Link making the noise?  or can we add if a guest or crew member makes a noise?

like the awesome classic- Chase splitting the apple- https://youtu.be/pcIsPtfI1eQ?t=7m43s 



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